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DDW won Big success in ISE2018 exhibition

Shenzhen DDW Technology Co.,Ltd. (own brand “DDW” )won big success in the ISE2018 (Integrated System Europe)  exhibition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!   DDW is an years experienced &well-known brand in commercial displays in Worldwide. During 6th – 9th Feb,2018 Shenzhen DDW Technology Co.,Ltd attened exhibition ISE (Integrated System Europe) , which is a top famous focuses on the Integrated […]

DDW invites you to meet in ISE2018 Booth#15-W290

DDW invite you to meet in ISE2018 Booth# 15-w290 With abundant resources, ISE (Integrated System Europe) is a successful audio-visual and system integration exhibition in Europe. It represents the high authority of audio-visual technology in the commercial field, and is also an influential industry organization in the industry. Exhibition show quality solutions in education and training, transportation, security, […]

How do I activate the future market for digital signage?

Say that the city is not developed, it is necessary to look at the digital signs floating is not beautiful, not to mention the application of ubiquitous development trend, involving a wide range of frequently visible, such as food and beverage, education, entertainment, exhibition hall and many other industries , And adapt to the trend […]

Talking about Digital Signage Industry and Internet Fashion

“Internet +” trend of the times, to promote the development of social change ups and downs, has become a booster of social progress. And digital signage as a new concept of the media, to provide new channels for information, to convey to people a variety of forms of information, including audio and video, text, portraits, […]

Parsing the LCD video wall screen application in various fields

Parsing the LCD video wall screen application in various fields With the development of all walks of life, promotion of computer technology, as a LCD video wall screen service providers have to improve, people on picture clarity and resolution, high brightness, high contrast are the pursuit of more perfect. As the change of demand, all kinds […]

The LCD video wall installation site must meet 5 conditions

Ultra narrow bezel LCD video wall display experience can bring you a better display effect, ultra wide Angle of view, the display of large capacity, in all aspects of life are better visual enjoyment. To ensure the smooth progress of the project equipment installation on site must meet the following conditions: 1. Environmental requirements Installation […]

The Portable digital signage for retail commercial use

The portable digital signage , as a kind of particular application form, has become the digital signage application different from other commercial shows the application of a typical representative. With the highlight attributes of the digital signage applications, its original independent industry increasingly blurred. Especially in the retail industry, the application of portable digital signage is […]

Outdoor digital signage develop rapidly in commercial display

Outdoor digital signage develop rapidly With the progress of social technology, outdoor advertising is gradually from the traditional static billboards rapidly to dynamic digital transformation. Outdoor digital signage spread information will not be affected by the weather and can bring good visual and auditory enjoyment, can be widely applied to outdoor advertising, outdoor public information […]

Touch Everywhere Touch Monitor Or Bringing In The New Spring

From the advent of smart phones, touch industry ushered in the rapid development of this kind of way of human-computer interaction, quickly changed people’s life, for a while, touch everywhere, extend from smart phones to tablets, to many touch products in the field of business, can say people’s acceptance to touch and ushered in the […]

The LCD Splicing Size Of Benefits Of Diversification

As the LCD splicing screen slowly spread, diversified development, the size of the LCD splicing have appeared in the current common size 40, 46, 55, 60, such as size, which is the most commonly used size. Scale among them, these are some splicing model, and according to the technology development, there have been some big […]