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Touch screen digital signage, light up your horizon

Touch screen digital signage application With the development of smart technology, business significantly in the field. Touch screen digital signage to be a typical representative of an intelligent applications has driven significant business diversification touch trend was more obvious, to meet the different needs of users in different sectors of society The development plays a […]

How to carry on the LCD video wall display creative splicing scheme?

Creativity, individuality is to give something fresh and different from the norm have the potential to form itself and thus enhance the value of things, no matter which industry, creative work is an important factor to sustained development. In the Commercial display industry, the creative splicing of LCD video wall display products is a classic […]

what LCD advertising display will attract you to stop?

In the corner of the city, what LCD advertising display will attract you to stop? The modern metropolis, starlight, has a variety of LCD advertising display screens, such as shadows, especially the active input of liquid crystal display. So that the scenes with the vivid colors of the painting vividly adorned every corner of the […]

LCD advertising enhanced interactive experience for the video carrier

LCD advertising enhanced interactive experience for the video carrier With increasingly sophisticated data network, it is causing video creation, publishing, the Big Bang flow, more substantial interaction behavior vivid and interesting video can be produced extremely trigger human senses, the ultimate attracted public favor, and then was widely circulated to a variety of applications, it expanded the scope of application. As widely used in entertainment, health, finance, education, security and other sectors of LCD advertising machine, with the characteristics of digital applications has also led to the ubiquitous video! Specifically, the liquid crystal advertising machine is used as a carrier for video distribution. Although it changes the static image in the past, it can only display the effect of different content, and there is no more effective value than static media. If new ways of sensing, socializing, moving, taking photos, etc., realize the interaction between man and machine, it will become different. This is also the most popular human-machine experience. On the basis of these features are supported on a LCD advertising delivery channels to provide more benefits for businesses, and secondly for the consumer public, not only can bring vivid and interesting activities, it can also create a video content delivery a different kind of interaction, direct communication and exchange, obtain a new perception, to maximize the application. Such as used in shopping malls scene, help businesses do brand marketing activities, the use of rich new video game content with activity driven by the enthusiasm of the people involved, so you can extend spots interactive sessions experience, allow consumers to experience the benefits of personal goods, final the launch of the things concise, instantly attract consumers trust and love! LCD advertising as a benchmark for digital signage in the times, when integrated into powerful interactive features, multimedia rich content can bring new applications, and it supports interactive feel and touch, and facilitates carrier to achieve the maximum benefit of content, it has also become the future direction of development of a comprehensive digital advertising applications.

Commercial display, sweeping the entire service industry

Sweeping the entire service industry ——Commercial display The huge service industry is full of the diversified atmosphere of the new era, so that with the pursuit of individualized and outstanding people, the service industry is also facing higher standards. When faced with a variety of different industries covered in this system, and with the need […]

LCD advertising machine brings real experience to the cafeteria

Installing multiple LCD advertising machines in the restaurant is a great way to attract customers to browse menu items and provide them with the best experience. The LCD advertising machine to ensure the user experience in the restaurant is an unforgettable four main points: Digital menu boar Digitize the menu board. People tend to be […]

LCD video wall system to create a stylish business model

LCD Video Wall system fashion business model Internet access to the information age, intelligence has become the most familiar word that means a new era of new technology in all areas of intelligence to make things more simple but not simple, even in business marketing model has become resounding, especially LCD application mosaic screen marketing system […]

What are the advantages of the classroom interactive whiteboard ?

Into the classroom interactive whiteboard  Interactive whiteboards With the development of information technology, more and more schools are gradually equipped to enter the multimedia teaching mode. What advantages does the use of the teaching machine have compared to traditional teaching? 1 Stimulate students’ interest in learning Interactive whiteboards may be the creation of scenarios, with […]

Advantages of elevator wall mount digital signage

The elevator wall mount digital signage is one of the applications of the building advertising machine, which attracts the attention of the advertiser because of its special installation location. With the application of elevator wall mount digital signage, many building living areas and business offices are now equipped with wall-mounted advertising machines in the elevators or […]