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Time the stitching direction, the market should be standardized

    Liquid crystal splicing screen is the development with the continuous innovation of technology, make its development. Technology development, market demand is more and more big, this also attracted many display manufacturer. Numerous manufacturers into little also not of traditional LCD splicing vendors, including love go the traditional route display more stitching. In such […]

49 inch dynamic interactive digital signage

49 inch dynamic interactive digital signage The interactive digital signage is more and more welcome by businesses and organizations during digital signage deployment, and a good design and function model is necessary to get success Shenzhen DDW Technology Co.,Ltd is a one of China leading manufacturer of commercial LCD displays, such as indoor outdoor digital signage and interactive digital […]

Liquid crystal splicing screen the new direction of users

    Fast, with the development of the DDW LCD splicing screen is made up of ordinary black and white monitor evolution, relative to the black and white monitor, LCD splicing screen color more clearly, not only pixels higher, better stability and longer service life. LCD splicing screen can be single use consists of dozens […]

The LCD splicing screen space between “micro” market

Since the second half of last year, small spacing LCD splicing enterprises some hesitation. Problems are two: smaller than small spacing “micro space” the product failed to break through; According to industry’s largest independent market also failed to break through “home”. Both, was the industry’s “dream”. Space between “micro” technology first, can meet the technical […]

Large size interactive digital signage for department store

Introduce functions of the interactive digital signage system. Schedule The default program broadcasting . Broadcast specified programs on specified date and time . Automatically deleted overdue program . Program insertion , broadcast emergency major events . Program encryption Make encryption and authentication for playlists and program material , refuse illegal program broadcast . Pre-set independent […]

LCD splicing big screen for the future development should pay attention to environmental protection

    Environmental protection more and more important in our life, and liquid crystal splicing screen to achieve environmental protection can bring us very good effect, energy saving province is the biggest characteristic. We should advocate low carbon development of low power consumption. In this appeal to the green era of environmental protection, low energy […]

The LCD splicing screen switch greatly exquisite

     In today’s society, the development of science and technology, economy, accelerating urbanization construction, LCD splicing screen update, starting with the most heavy machine into today’s ultra-thin machine, the progress of The Times, is also the generation in a generation. DDW today with everybody to popularize the use of the liquid crystal splicing screen […]

Indoor outdoor digital signage replaced the trend of Large format outdoor LED display

In order to control light pollution and outdoor LCD display screen installation approval more and more complicated, which means mounting locations more and less, for the supplier of LED display, breakthrough in outdoor applications is also increasingly difficult. When the outdoor application is not enough to maintain the growth of performance, LED display manufacturers will […]