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Highest Ratio of Video Wall

What’s innovative about a video wall?” I hear you cry. “We’ve all seen them. Big…walls of video. Been done for years.” We’ve said many times that the single most innovative thing about the Raspberry Pi is its price. This means that you can save large sums of money in some applications, especially in applications where […]

Highest Resolution Video Walls in the World

Whether or not we realize it, video walls have become a part of our daily lives. Digital signage video walls can be found just about anywhere, from shopping malls and office buildings to art museums. Serving as information displays, advertising platforms, and even elements of design, these displays are designed for maximum visual impact – […]

Mounts for Video Walls and Displays

Often times when people discuss the ‘important’ features of an LCD display they will list resolution, color ( 8bit – 10bit ) or inputs. But what often goes unnamed could be one of the most important features on a display. Mounting options. We know ‘mounting options’ doesn’t have quite the same verbal impact as say […]