DDW fourth-generation narrow bezel LCD video wall special

DDW fourth-generation narrow bezel LCD video wall special use Samsung LCD panel, a highly integrated the advanced and high speed image processing technology, designed for video display, high brightness, high definition, the picture is exquisite, color saturation and perfect show every detail of the picture. Splicing screen unique 3 d digital noise reduction technology in a simulated high-definition monitor system, ISP noise reduction technology to upgrade traditional 2 d to 3 d, on the basis of the original frame of noise reduction, strengthen the function of noise reduction between frame and frame; Simulation HD ISP in the image on the features such as wide dynamic also had the very big promotion, in terms of wide dynamic processing, simulation of HD wide dynamic technology, ISP also implements the frame to make image part details are more clear, light and shade is closer to the human eye to see the actual effect.

In terms of display control, controlled by the exclusive patented technology, intelligent wireless control, change control terminal screen, realize the computer control domestic terminal; HD picture switch more convenient. Can through the control of intelligent split screen at the same time, any combination of intelligent, smart split screen mainly has the effect of single independent display, image roaming and picture in picture display, image superposition, the whole screen display, the picture such as tensile, can also according to customer requirements for control.

Narrow bezel LCD video wall splicing screen, on the other hand, are generally working 24 hours a day, all year round, it’s about the quality of the stitching screen has strict request, splicing wall LCD screens are choose high reliability and unique display LCD screen, at the same time ensures the long-term stability of the display, and splicing screen structure and process design, ensures that the splice screen without radiation and interference from external electromagnetic fields. Only the joining together of high performance, high quality screen, can realize the best display of the splicing screen effect.

Outdoor Media Advertising King Outdoor LCD Advertising Machine

With the advent of the digital era, a variety of new forms of media continue to emerge in the advertising market.LCD advertising media is a new form of outdoor LCD advertising Machine. Outdoor advertising Machine is more and more favored by more and more users because of its low price, high reaching rate and good short-term rate of return.

It can be said that the initiative to improve the attention of consumers is the most important advantages of LCD advertising media. Such as watching TV to listen to the radio, every ad on the turntable; read the newspaper, directly over the advertising page; Internet, a pop-up ad immediately press the close button. So that consumers pay attention to advertising and memory will decline, leading to the waste of advertising.

LCD advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent devices that use standard LCD display, LCD TV, through the network and multimedia systems to achieve information display and video advertising.

The current outdoor advertising media, has long been a breakthrough in the form of a single billboard type, the emergence of more new outdoor media. Can be divided into two main categories: print advertising and media advertising. Although the advertisement cost is low, but the relative limitations too, give people the feeling is not natural, and media advertising outdoor LCD advertising machine with its clear images, vivid images, vivid display effect firmly established a leading position.

SO outdoor media advertising king outdoor LCD advertising machine.

With the progress of science and the wide use of digital media, the idea of integration is becoming more and more perfect. The outdoor LCD advertising machine has become the new darlings of the advertising industry in twenty-first Century Chinese, its development potential is far higher than that of the traditional TV media, newspapers and magazines.


Touch screen digital signage, light up your horizon

Touch screen digital signage application

With the development of smart technology, business significantly in the field. Touch screen digital signage to be a typical representative of an intelligent applications has driven significant business diversification touch trend was more obvious, to meet the different needs of users in different sectors of society The development plays a positive role. Especially in the case of expanding and converging technologies in its application, the promotion of the touch screen digital signage display applications function more and more prominent personality and attitude with highly interactive lighting business significantly in the horizon wonderful!

Touch screen digital signage application scenario

Touch screen digital signage application scenario

On the functional advantages: a high-definition touch screen, flexible response, anti-scratch, anti-shock, anti-interference, anti-corrosion properties, and with a strong multi-touch applications, can be massive image signals, text, video Such as multimedia information to click and arbitrarily switch functions, change the traditional cumbersome mode that requires the controller to operate, upgrade to a more intelligent and convenient display control application, it is suitable for various occasions in real life.

The application is free: the touch screen can switch the terminal software material freely with natural gestures. For example, just touch the screen gently, the information you need can be presented in front of your eyes, and you can freely drag, scroll or pull down menus, three-dimensional rotation, telescopic interface and other convenient interactions; remove the file menu bar, and enjoy full-screen touch machine running to bring the visual effects, content to do now display style under your control points.

Touch screen digital signage, applications is the most simple, intelligent, a natural human-computer interaction. Today, in the era of a variety of intelligent technology more and more popular, the touch display system can be integrated into a variety of new technologies, giving more vivid, more vivid interactive experience, thus promoting a more diversified range of products came into touch, Open a personalized business view for more scenes!

How to carry on the LCD video wall display creative splicing scheme?

Creativity, individuality is to give something fresh and different from the norm have the potential to form itself and thus enhance the value of things, no matter which industry, creative work is an important factor to sustained development. In the Commercial display industry, the creative splicing of LCD video wall display products is a classic application, and it has become the pursuit of the public with its diverse and individualized ideas.

So where is the creative point of the LCD video wall display solution?

Into the user’s inner needs: LCD splicing screen as a digital display terminal, in the market demand continues to expand, the user’s requirements for splicing screen products are not limited to the product’s own display quality and fixed form of splicing. But on this basis, to customize the size and content according to the needs of users, regular or irregular creative stitching highlight . thus enhancing the overall effect is displayed.

For example applies to Expo, able to shape strange mosaic, covering customized content material, creating a new digital interactive experience time tunnel, the use of smart sensors seamless floor screen from top to bottom on both sides of the tunnel, will be displayed details of the content displayed most vividly, both can very clearly see the scene when viewed from any angle the screen to the big screen, causing an imaginative audience, vividly highlight the personality of the Expo theme.

Apparently, with the integration of life, art and technology, the creative LCD video wall display will bring a more integrated complex, highlighting the display style of smart technology and fashion personality, and dancing! Emperor Electronics has outstanding achievements in the field of LCD video wall display solutions. In the early years, advanced science and technology have been used, and efforts have been made to combine hardware and software materials to present a special viewing angle for many fields such as large-scale events, marketing, restaurants, and exhibition halls.

LCD advertising enhanced interactive experience for the video carrier

LCD advertising enhanced interactive experience for the video carrier

With increasingly sophisticated data network, it is causing video creation, publishing, the Big Bang flow, more substantial interaction behavior vivid and interesting video can be produced extremely trigger human senses, the ultimate attracted public favor, and then was widely circulated to a variety of applications, it expanded the scope of application. As widely used in entertainment, health, finance, education, security and other sectors of LCD advertising machine, with the characteristics of digital applications has also led to the ubiquitous video!

Specifically, the liquid crystal advertising machine is used as a carrier for video distribution. Although it changes the static image in the past, it can only display the effect of different content, and there is no more effective value than static media. If new ways of sensing, socializing, moving, taking photos, etc., realize the interaction between man and machine, it will become different. This is also the most popular human-machine experience.

LCD advertising the clothing shop

LCD advertising the clothing shop

On the basis of these features are supported on a LCD advertising delivery channels to provide more benefits for businesses, and secondly for the consumer public, not only can bring vivid and interesting activities, it can also create a video content delivery a different kind of interaction, direct communication and exchange, obtain a new perception, to maximize the application. Such as used in shopping malls scene, help businesses do brand marketing activities, the use of rich new video game content with activity driven by the enthusiasm of the people involved, so you can extend spots interactive sessions experience, allow consumers to experience the benefits of personal goods, final the launch of the things concise, instantly attract consumers trust and love!

LCD advertising as a benchmark for digital signage in the times, when integrated into powerful interactive features, multimedia rich content can bring new applications, and it supports interactive feel and touch, and facilitates carrier to achieve the maximum benefit of content, it has also become the future direction of development of a comprehensive digital advertising applications.

LCD video wall system to create a stylish business model

LCD Video Wall system fashion business model

Internet access to the information age, intelligence has become the most familiar word that means a new era of new technology in all areas of intelligence to make things more simple but not simple, even in business marketing model has become resounding, especially LCD application mosaic screen marketing system has become a fashion business model. We can see from the following advantages that it has become the first choice for people to be the marketing system!

lcd video wall in the fruit shop

LCD Video Wall In The Fruit Shop

For purposes of the entire business, marketing LCD video wall system to create a new, modern fashion marketing experience, is the traditional single sales manual describes methods can not match, an altered appearance and confirms the theory of evolution of the times that people also seek information under. Therefore, significant business sector, many companies are committed to want a share in the new technologies and products at the same time, DDW as a significant supplier in the industry good one, its technology and services continue to focus on innovation and development, driven era. Currently, Emperor Ai Di LCD screen splicing also extraordinary in the field of commercial marketing, it developed its own technology to pursue colorful display screen saturation, image delicate vivid, with built-in digital matrix and powerful processing chip on the display, Inductive technology and other technical elements integrated into the mobile Internet and data marketing, to create a strong interactive performance, can bring warm experience to customers!

Fashion Mall LCD Video Wall

Fashion Mall LCD Video Wall

In addition, DDW LCD video wall system marketing system is stylish and beautiful in appearance, hardware installation and disassembly and movement are very light, energy saving and environmental protection, which can help merchants save space and cost; automated intelligent operation is conducive to effective and convenient management. It is the need to modernize the application of commercial display, and to create a fashionable business model with innovative marketing!

What are the advantages of the classroom interactive whiteboard ?

Into the classroom interactive whiteboard 

Interactive whiteboards With the development of information technology, more and more schools are gradually equipped to enter the multimedia teaching mode. What advantages does the use of the teaching machine have compared to traditional teaching?

3d touch promethean trace board digital vision touch interactive whiteboard

98 inch 3d touch promethean trace board digital vision touch interactive whiteboard

1 Stimulate students’ interest in learning

Interactive whiteboards may be the creation of scenarios, with its brilliant colors, attractive images, to attract the attention of students, to stimulate students to learn, can effectively guide students interested, orderly observe things, make some key lessons in difficulties can be easier to understand.

2 Enrich students’ imagination

Imagination can to a certain extent, to better develop students’ thinking ability and innovation. And rich imagination, and often vivid multimedia, visual image of the picture are inseparable. Teaching one machine can create a good learning conditions for teachers, for students to expand the imagination, to better develop students’ thinking ability and innovation.

3 Improve students’ ability to read aloud

Reading is a pleasure, but also a way of thinking training. The teaching machine can guide students to read the sense of language with pictures and dubbing. And it can be coupled with a wonderful music to inspire students to read aloud the entry into the situation to improve students’ reading ability.

4 Strengthen the connection between the classroom and the real world

Multimedia is a lot of schools in the application of a teaching method that can simulate a lot of real-world situation, will the outside world into the classroom something to perform with learning, so that students get closer to the real-world experience. The teaching-one integrated projector, whiteboard, screen, audio, computers, televisions, video conferencing terminals, and many other features meeting rooms office equipment, so the use of teaching one machine will help strengthen the link between the classroom and the real world.

The new digital signage bus station double sided outdoor LCD display

With the continuous development of the urban economy, the traffic of some first-tier and second-tier cities has begun to be convenient. In recent years, due to the emergence of outdoor advertising machines for bus stop signs, the public has been provided. More extensive and useful information and services to improve the ability of citizens in most areas to absorb public transportation information.

The role of the bus station double sided outdoor LCD display  :

bus stop outdoor advertising totem

bus stop outdoor advertising totem

Many cities have installed outdoor LCD display at bus stop signs. In addition to introducing bus routes to passengers, the LCD advertising machine of the device will also broadcast some public service advertisements. After the small activity window of the bus stop sign, more foreign visitors will be allowed. People understand the city’s inform at ionization.

This new LCD advertising totem is located in the bus stop card and provides a series of transformation services. It represents the future of a smart public bus shelter, connecting with unprecedented comfort and remodeling features such as free wireless connectivity.

After using the multimedia advertising totem software, the information is instantly released in the terminal of the LCD advertising totem of each bus stop. The information in the LCD advertising totem of the bus station includes: the title of the station, the weather forecast, the appearance of the moment, the prompting information, the broadcast line, the bus route strategy, Traffic regulations, etc.

The use of LCD TVs with stylish appearance, rich and useful content at the station has further enhanced the image of the city to a certain extent. Many bus LCD advertising totem also have a touch function. The public can manually operate the bus station LCD advertising totem. , on-demand urban customs, can also play games, watch videos, listen to music. Many citizens think that the bus station LCD advertising totem is very useful. Together, the bus company can turn into a new type of advertising foreword. The LCD advertising machine enters the traffic and brings great convenience to the broad public.

With the rapid development of highway network, public transportation has become the preferred means of transportation for people to travel. With the steady growth of passenger flow in various cities, there will be tens of millions of people focusing on it every day. The advantage of bus stop signs as an advertising carrier is increasingly prominent.

Advantages of elevator wall mount digital signage

The elevator wall mount digital signage is one of the applications of the building advertising machine, which attracts the attention of the advertiser because of its special installation location. With the application of elevator wall mount digital signage, many building living areas and business offices are now equipped with wall-mounted advertising machines in the elevators or next to the elevators to enhance the advertising. Then what should be paid attention to when installing the wall-mounted advertising machine inside the elevator? What are the advantages of the elevator wall-mounted digital signage? Why can it be welcomed by so many people?

elevator wall mount digital signage

First, the advantages of elevator wall mount digital signage:

(1) For a variety of consumer groups, the ad arrival rate is high and the effect is good.

(2) There are many elevators going up and down every day, and the number of advertisements is many.

(3), a good environment, the brand is easier to remember (the environment inside the elevator is quiet, the space is small, the distance is close, the picture is exquisite, close contact, good communication).

(4) Low advertising costs and wide spread of objects (every business office staff and foreign office workers and consumers in each building, hundreds of people go up and down the elevator every day).

(5), the media coverage is large, and powerfully provide a strong publicity platform for businesses.

(6) During the time of taking the elevator, the audience’s vision will naturally be concentrated on the advertising content. Change the passiveness of traditional advertising to take the initiative.

(7), visual obligatory: the elevator TV screen is set in the elevator, facing the audience at a zero distance in a limited space, which constitutes a mandatory viewing effect.

(8), psychological compulsory: as a short-staying space in the elevator, people are waiting for irritability, wonderful advertising, it is easy to grasp the audience’s sight.

(9), non-selective: traditional TV has only a hundred different channels, outdoor advertising is also overwhelming, there is only one advertising platform in the elevator, there is no choice, facing the TV to meet the ads of people habitual turntable, meet the overwhelming outdoor advertising people are also Passing by, and the advertising text and information of the main body of the elevator TV advertisement are combined and inseparable, and the advertisement has inevitably entered the people’s field of vision.

How to maximize the advantages of outdoor digital signage ?

Understand the outdoor digital signage to maximize its advantages

DDW outdoor digital signage, no matter what the weather, can display your information outdoors, bringing good visual and auditory enjoyment to outdoor information transmission.It can be widely used in outdoor advertising, outdoor public information release, outdoor media communication, touch interactive query and other fields.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor Digital Signage

outdoor digital signage Its characteristics are:

  1. High-definition highlighting (above 1500 lumens), able to adapt to a variety of outdoor environments.
  2. The temperature control system can adjust the internal temperature and humidity of the equipment to ensure that the equipment works normally at outdoor temperature of -30 °C ~ 50 °C.
  3. The outdoor protection level reaches IP65, so as to do dust, water, corrosion, anti-theft, anti-bio, anti-mold, anti-ultraviolet and electromagnetic protection.
  4. Based on network 3G and other technologies, it can realize remote release and remote monitoring management and centralized control of broadcast content; online system status monitoring system.
  5. Support various multimedia file formats: MPEG-1/2/4, MP3, AVI, DAT, PPT, etc.
  6. A new and powerful interactive touch solution that allows users to experience interactive marketing, record potential customer interactions, and promote brand image.
  7. Security system, video recorder monitoring around the clock
  8. Adopt aviation anti-riot safety technology;
  9. Intelligent environment management system: automatically adjust brightness according to the environment, monitor environmental conditions and alarm to prevent human damage;
  10. Intelligent temperature management system: adjust the internal temperature and humidity of the equipment to ensure that the equipment operates in harsh environments.

outdoor digital signage Application:

  1. Public facilities:

Government and corporate propaganda, intelligent bus stops, electronic newsstands, smart phone booths, road nameplates, libraries and museums, sports centers, plazas, etc.

2.Second, Huimin facilities category:

Tourist attractions, scenic spots, parks, community leisure places, ticket offices, airports, bus stations, etc.

3.Third, the type of advertising equipment:

Outdoor all-weather business district CBD, large supermarket counters, department store goods area, professional specialty stores, brand stores and so on.