lcd video wall controller

What Are the Functions Of LCD Video Wall Controller?

LCD video wall controller key features:

  • Inputs option: HDMI/DVI/4K DVI/VGA/IP/YpbPr/VIDEO/HD-SDI/S-Video
  • Output Signal: HDMI/DVI/VGA/AUDIO output
  • POP: default each screen 2, 4 ,8,16 windows available
  • More functions: ROAM/ZOOM, text rolling available
  • Android APK iOS APP available , pre-view function available
  • Working temperature:-20℃—60℃ , Working humidity:5-95%
  • Consumption:12w per channel
  • Application: CCTV security surveillance center,control room, video conference,advertising ,etc

With the popularity of LCD video wall, many LCD video wall controller are appearing in the public eye.

lcd video wall controller

lcd video wall controller

LCD video wall controller functions:

Firs of all, the product can display multiple signals in full screen in any rectangular display format;
Second, it takes a certain picture as the background. Opening the window and display other window signals;
Then, size is scalable and position adjustable
Next, using certain one channel as background. The other channels are also displaying on the screen with the overlapping part invisible.
Fifth, provide users with rich mode definition functions, support the mode of the central control;
At last, the basic base map display function can be customized according to customer requirements.
In short, With a new modular concept, multiple machines enable seamless cascade control and signal transmission;

7 inch desktop advertising display

Why Cafe Desktop Advertising Display So Popular?

Cafe Desktop advertising display

Key features:

  • Panel: 7 inch original LG, Samsung , Sharp screen
  • Smart stylish design portable mount
  • Mount type: both portrait landscape available,desktop
  • Glass material: tempered glass
  • Optional version: Standalone version, PC version, Android version
  • Applications: Cafe, Restaurant , hotel
Desktop advertising display is mainly used in cafes


High-end fashion has always been the pursuit of cafes, so the deployment of desktop advertising has become an inevitable trend. So why is the desktop advertising machine very popular in cafes?
First, the cafe desktop advertising digital display can play music videos and pictures to enhance the customer’s first impression. At the same time, it can update the news information and enhance the fashion of the coffee shop.
Then, the cafe desktop advertising display casing is generally made of high-quality aluminum and other metal materials and powder coating process;
Third, connecting the mobile phone can charge the product, which is very convenient and quick;
Finally, the product is small in size, beautiful in appearance, small and exquisite, and highly decorative;
In essence, this product can meet the service requirements of the cafe, bringing good reputation and benefits!

outdoor lcd advertising display in Community, bus stop, shopping mall

8 Key Features Of Outdoor LCD Advertising Display

Outdoor LCD advertising display

Key Features:

  • Waterproof grade: IP65 IP55 waterproof level
  • Anti vandal-proof,anti-thief, can work in any weather -40C – 55C
  • Panel: original LG, Samsung panel 2000 – 2500nits brightness
  • Application scenario: Community, bus stop, shopping mall
  • Glass material: outdoor special anti-glare tempered glass
  • Optional version: Standalone version, PC version, Android version
outdoor lcd advertising display

outdoor LCD advertising display in shopping mall

With the advent of the digital age, there are many public places with outdoor LCD advertising displays.
So what are the advantages of outdoor LCD advertising display in marketing media?
To begin with, usually outdoor advertising player are installed in crowded places, where the audience has a higher purchasing intention and purchasing power;
Then, as long as the content played in the product is new and interesting, it can attract the attention of the audience;
Moreover, LCD outdoor advertising screen can prevent dust and windproof, and can easily cope with all kinds of extreme weather;
Finally, customers can remotely control the content, there is a huge advantage in the promotion time and distance;
In a word, bustling installation location and the product’s own attributes have contributed to the trend of outdoor advertising display.

LCD splicing screen gives the best solution for nowadays advertising

In the developed technology to lead, along with the people’s growing demand for large-screen displays, showing rapid changes, a variety of products and styles, allowing users to have more optional. Throughout the market’s normal state, especially in the mixed display market, customers’ choice of products is always inseparable from the price and quality ratio factors, and its high cost performance is the ultimate pursuit.

So in the huge industry market, how does the LCD splicing screen as a smart large-screen display terminal maximize the price and quality?

In product quality, LCD splicing screen has multiple free stitching, features a variety of high-end display, built-powerful, can achieve a variety of display full high-definition plans and real-time information processing terminal, its long life, more functional advantages of stability It is guaranteed to last for 7*24 hours and reliable working time, to meet the user’s long-term security application requirements for large-screen display.

Moreover, given the large screen LCD splicing screen displays close to 180 degrees wide viewing angle display, and has a rich and flexible operation mode display, combined with high-resolution features, with a wide range of application space and really open up the full HD, high-end smart big screen Display application; low maintenance cost in management can meet the basic pursuit of the public in terms of price and performance, so it is increasingly favored by users for customized purchase of LCD splicing screen.

For a penny, you may question: Is the price for a good quality product cheaper?

DDW serves as the LCD screen splicing program outstanding leader, has a wealth of technical experience and strong qualifications for enterprises to establish a good brand image in the industry. With business fundamentals and years of accumulated experience, Emperor Ai Di not only the heritage of all the LCD screen splicing application advantages in terms of quality, but also rich starting point for the market, customer needs, focus on the basic principles to follow industry market prices, given the high user performance reasonable price-oriented solutions for users to achieve cost-effective value.

How do you see LCD digital signage display in real-time dissemination of highlights

With the development of science and technology, the new media has gained more attention. The so-called new media that is relative to the print media, radio, television and other traditional media developed new finish for the dissemination of information to a wide range of forms. It is the use of Internet technology, digital technology and media convergence, providing information and entertainment services to users of communication patterns, and LCD digital signage display system as a typical media, compatibility with their own carrying the dissemination of new media to the public in real time window. Here are a few of you to experience!

The diversified advantages of LCD digital signage display drive:

With Internet technology, modern LCD digital signage display abandon the traditional single presentation, with the underlying hardware to software, multimedia content display, touch human-computer interaction, remote centralized remote management, publishing accurate editing content. Because of the diversity of its digital signage, it has enough selectivity to meet the different laying and design of different scenes, highlighting the original features of new media to give new content to the new era.

With powerful backing is transmitted in real time:

Digital signage’s powerful storage and processing functions can support massive and rich new media information content, and with the help of network technology, real-time update display, retrieval operation is extremely convenient, and smoothly transmitted to people.

LCD Digital signage display converges mobile devices to provide a new platform for new media content:

Through network technology, digital signage can achieve interoperability with mobile terminals such as mobile phones, computers, and ipads. In particular, mobile phones have changed people’s lifestyles, far from communication functions, as well as payment, games, entertainment, and scanning code. Features. In the strong integration with digital signage, it can enhance the real-time close interaction and immediacy of human-machine, and satisfy the people’s appeal for entertainment and information expression through this personality interaction.

DDW in regard to daily maintenance of LCD advertising machine skill

Daily maintenance of LCD advertising machine

With the surging trend of information technology, digital information push, digital signage has grown, LCD advertising machine, LCD monitors, LCD wall has become the trend of application in various fields, and efficient monitoring HD digital office. The popularity of LCD advertising machine is getting higher and higher, but some users still do not understand the use of maintenance, so that the overall performance of the system decreased, so the maintenance of the product is very important. So for everyone to explain in detail how to carry out maintenance and how to solve some common problems.
1 if you encounter a liquid crystal advertising machine in the course of the day after the use of plug in the power supply when there is no response, the first thing to do is to check whether the special power supply, which is a common problem in practical applications. The user can try to take down the advertising machine to open the back cover to check to see whether the material is off or loose phenomenon. Test method: if the indicator light is used to prove that the power supply is power, the power failure problem is excluded. Next, the user needs to check in turn on the decoder board, advertising machine driver board, high voltage bar, horn, LCD screen on the power to see if there is a problem with the parts caused by electricity.
2 may sometimes LCD advertising machine start up no sound, no display screen, the front panel lights flashing, there is no sound, this time back to open the LCD advertising machine, then use a multimeter to check the driver board on whether the effects of electricity, then check the horn wire connection is normal. If the speaker has big noise, that driver board advertising machine has been damaged, can be replaced. The screen no display screen, the user needs to check the display signal line and the computer is strong, Jack and carefully check the signal line if there is a problem, if there is damage to the phenomenon of broken pin bending, the need for timely replacement.

How LCD advertising display attract you?

In the corner of the city, how LCD advertising display attract you?

The modern metropolis, starlight, has a variety of LCD advertising display screens, such as shadows, especially the active input of liquid crystal display. So that the scenes with the vivid colors of the painting vividly adorned every corner of the city, this also Driven by the emerging technology, the various intelligent features presented through the LCD advertising display evoke the city’s unique charm! So, which of the LCD advertising display are attracting you to stop?

Is it a weapon of marketing nature?

In the corner of the city’s most familiar than using the LCD as a marketing tool. With its high-definition, intelligent, diverse, in line with the characteristics of light commercial management of the pursuit of fashion. Business according to different needs, different styles of liquid crystal display, an omni-shopping environment, brand awareness. So that a variety of goods to retain customers in a way to show the pace; and liquid crystal display products to support integration of a variety of intelligent design. Steps to become more simple, easy, automated operation at the same time to the customer business model also facilitates comprehensive data management! May be common in the mall shopping guide system, boutiques commodity information display, a restaurant automated service applications, all-inclusive.

LCD advertising display at the airport&at a restaurant

LCD advertising display at the airport&at a restaurant

Or a warm notice of public service?

LCD advertising display is also often found in public places, such as applications in the field of railway stations, airports, subway stations, hospitals, etc., as an information distribution system to serve the people’s daily life. both as a small dab of people’s lives, but also the rich little common sense smart ” Notices are posted to make people’s lives more intelligent and diversified.
DDW is a professional business solutions provider significantly. Wisdom made after decades of ingenuity, with leading technology in liquid crystal display, and constantly meet market demand. To cover different entertainment, retail, exhibition halls, restaurants, etc. Special application fields.promote innovation and technological achievements show more useless, help change the face of the city!

Commercial display, sweeping the entire service industry

Sweeping the entire service industry ——Commercial display

The huge service industry is full of the diversified atmosphere of the new era, so that with the pursuit of individualized and outstanding people, the service industry is also facing higher standards. When faced with a variety of different industries covered in this system, and with the need for common development . Commercial display as an emerging carrier of modern information interaction . with different functions to achieve different scene applications, is sweeping this A complex service system, and create a new and exciting atmosphere!

Now, Commercial display has not only confined to the pictures showed hd on the realistic effects . But based on the integrated into the new technology, to produce the application of human-computer interaction more intelligent elements, to meet the user’s customized pursuit, create different scenarios for diverse industries, with the development of service industry application.

Commercial display Application Scenarios

Commercial display Application Scenarios

Such as venues, theaters, major supermarkets and car sites, etc., for the various needs of intelligent commercial display. To invest in intelligent business applications, to provide a good display platform and automated terminals for each service area in the form of smart and simple . The processing system solves some complex problems in people’s production and life and presents beautiful picture forms.

Looking at the service industry for the large-scale service industry, involving diversified service pursuits. Coupled with multiple favorable technologies such as technology and policy. It is predicted that the Commercial display industry will maintain a rapid development trend in recent years. As the outstanding leader of Commercial display industry . DDW will also keep pace with each other and seize new development opportunities. Whether it is in the application of large-screen splicing or digital signage display . DDW will adjust its strategic resources and strive to serve the development of large industries. Provide quality Commercial display solutions!

LCD advertising machine brings real experience to the cafeteria

Installing multiple LCD advertising machines in the restaurant is a great way to attract customers to browse menu items and provide them with the best experience. The LCD advertising machine to ensure the user experience in the restaurant is an unforgettable four main points:

LCD advertising machines in the restaurant

LCD advertising machines in the restaurant

  1. Digital menu boar

Digitize the menu board. People tend to be eye-catching by colorful visuals, so digitizing the menu display must be very effective in attracting diners.

  1. Social interaction

When people eat out, they often like to upload photos of delicious food to social media platforms to share with others. This is a very good interactive sharing mode, and it can also play a certain role in promoting the restaurant. So why not delve into this trend and encourage customers to dine at the restaurant? If they post the photos they take on the social media platform and attach the restaurant name as a label, then the restaurant may offer them free food or drinks. The social interaction application is designed for the interaction of the LCD advertising machine with the audience, and the effect is very good.

  1. Personal interaction

In the food and catering industry, people’s health awareness is getting stronger, such as what they are eating and where the raw materials come from. Some digital menu board software allows restaurants to cater to healthier consumers by displaying nutritional information about food. The restaurant can even go a step further, allowing customers to participate more in their brand interactions and show them the realities of the restaurant’s access to raw materials.

  1. Cooperation and win-win

We are all trying our best to save costs. In the hospitality industry, the total cost of purchasing all the things that need to be achieved can become expensive. And that’s why it’s why you have to work with other brands to share costs. Cost sharing is the best way to ensure that the restaurant uses LCD advertising. For example, restaurants can let other brands advertise on their screens.

Creative design of LCD display intelligent application marketing system

Creative design of the marketing system makes LCD display smart application more efficient

To marketing system consisting of the LCD display, with intelligent, automated, advanced features, face special design system application usage scenarios of different version. Here are a few of the different marketing scenarios to witness their creative design.


Comemrcial retail LCD video wall display

LCD video wall display for retail electronic store

Shopping mall retail + interactive design: As the largest retail market gathering place, shopping malls add a crowd of people in front of a dazzling array of goods, it is difficult to achieve consistent sales and service operations. Here, the marketing guide system can be placed in the mall center, elevator room, shop door, store, etc., for detailed shopping guides and product information, which helps consumers to see at a glance; and can directly contact the marketing guide system according to demand.


digital signage for fashion store

digital signage for apparel

Apparel brand + digital marketing: clothing brand monopoly can be described as an unswerving fashion pursuit. In the era of digital marketing system, the liquid crystal display marketing system provides a full HD digital interactive experience, and it is easy for customers to introduce and test products. One-stop service experience of dressing mirror, tailoring, and purchase payment. It does not require customers to go through the complicated selection and fitting process in the past, and the whole process is smart and fast. It realizes the deep integration of the digital marketing system and the clothing brand, and constitutes a unique style, successfully shaping the fashion upgrade of the clothing brand!

digital signage for restaurant

digital signage for food industry

Food industry + intelligent service: queuing consumption is the normal state of the catering industry. Applying the intelligent marketing display system, one-click can complete the first-line service process of ordering, scanning code payment, and ordering meals, including special service items, really fast. Solve all kinds of dining problems with long queues and poor service.

DDW as a supplier of professional marketing, operating system programs can be adapted to local conditions, according to the specific needs of users, the use of advanced hardware and software technology, brilliantly intelligent design applications, driven by consumer spending confidence and purchasing power, full and effective Improve the brand marketing model and create an active and popular atmosphere for the marketing industry!