Time the stitching direction, the market should be standardized

    Liquid crystal splicing screen is the development with the continuous innovation of technology, make its development. Technology development, market demand is more and more big, this also attracted many display manufacturer. Numerous manufacturers into little also not of traditional LCD splicing vendors, including love go the traditional route display more stitching. In such cases, it is easy to form the polarization phenomenon. Many people only see LCD splicing high-speed development and prospects, the good side but ignore the behind its rapid development. Joining together the market in full swing cause the LCD market, in the form of two sides.

No rules no fangyuan, do anything to have rules, with the continuous development of the market, will also have a series of problems. Any industry will be a series of problems, reason is the lack of an industry standard and specifications. Specification of this industry could be adverse to the general industry users. The manufacturers can only go step by step to fumble, to practice, gradually understand the shape of the market. Summarizes a set of scientific standards in line with the industry development. So in a short period of time, the LCD splicing market may be in a chaotic pattern.

Liquid crystal splicing market constantly, will also continue to attract the major manufacturers to join. Due to the LCD splicing entry threshold low, manufacturers easily join LCD splicing. Caused a variety of situations. Also, also can appear a lot of bad products and fake products, in this case, not only damage the interests of customers, will also influence the development of liquid crystal Mosaic market.

So, with the continuous development of domestic splicing market, standardize the market will be. In order to better future, the great strength of the manufacturer should set up a business alliance, the hope is that all the power of together worked out a set of healthy development of industry standards. But due to time issues and the particularity of    LCD splicing screen market, make it hard for the market to specification. But still want a multitude of LCD splicing manufacturers don’t give up, together to create a good market atmosphere. DDW in LCD splicing industry for many years, always adhere to the line of standardized to provide customers with quality products. If the specification in the future market, DDW also will to cooperate, create LCD splicing market environment.

interactive digital signage

49 inch dynamic interactive digital signage

49 inch dynamic interactive digital signage

The interactive digital signage is more and more welcome by businesses and organizations during digital signage deployment, and a good design and function model is necessary to get success

Shenzhen DDW Technology Co.,Ltd is a one of China leading manufacturer of commercial LCD displays, such as indoor outdoor digital signage and interactive digital signages.


49″ dynamic interactive digital signage Key features

1 . LED Backlight , FHD 1920×1080 resolution

2 . Seamless designed aluminum alloy frame

3 . Android OS IP/WIFI remote networkcontrol

4 . High contrast 500nits brightness

5 . High brightness 2000nits ,1500nits can be customized


Interactive digital signage Display mode

1, Support video , flash animation,images and text mix broadcasting . Video truly seamless playback . Up to 14 kinds of picture transition mode .
2, Support rich display resolution 1366×768 , 1440×900 , 1600×900 , 1680×1050 , 1920×1080
3, Support HDMI VGA input port, SD / TF card slot and USB slot


Detail Optional configurations

Android Network version Version 1 Quad core 8G internal memory,HDMI,VGA input,USB,SD slot,WIFI,LAN,3G/4G optional
Version 2 Dual core 4G internal memory,HDMI,VGA input,USB,SD slot,WIFI,LAN,3G/4G optional
Version 3 Quad core 8G internal memory,HDMI,VGA output,USB,SD slot,WIFI,LAN,3G/4G optional
Version 4 Dual core 4G internal memory,HDMI,VGA output,USB,SD slot,WIFI,LAN,3G/4G optional
Standalone version Version 5 HDMI,VGA input,USB,SD slot,4GB internal memory
Version 6 USB,SD slot,4GB internal memory
PC version Version 7 i3 4G RAM 500GB HDD,WIN7 OS,flexible config
Version 8 i5 8G RAM 500GB HDD,WIN7 OS,flexible config
Version 9 i7 16G RAM 500GB HDD,WIN7 OS,flexible config



Panel type TFT-LCD
Diagonal 49”
Aspect Ratio 16/9
Physical Resolution 1920×1080
Display Colors 16.7M
Viewing Angle H178º/ V178º
Luminance(nits) 500cd/m2
Contrast 1100:1
Backlit type WLED
Response time 6ms
Life(hrs) more than 60000
RJ45(network port) 1
USB 1(USB 2.0)
SD 1(Capatible MMC/MS)
CF 1
VGA Optional
DVI Optional
HDMI Optional
Power Supply AC100~250V 50/60 HZ
Max.Consumption ≤200W
Standby Consumption ≤3W
Control Method TCP/IP , WIFI , Software Control(Network version only) , IR
Color System Support PAL/NTSC/SECAM
OSD Language Multiple languages
Rich Resolution Support 1080P , 1080I , 720P , 480P &multiple resolutions
Video forma tsupport MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4/DivX/ASP/WMV/AVI
Image format support JPEG/BMP/TIFF/PNG/GIF
Audio format support Wave/MP3/WMA/AAC
Splicing Display Support
Working Temperature 0℃-50℃
Working Humidity 10%-85%
Storage Temperature 0℃-50℃
Storage Humidity 5%-95%
Cooling Low noise fans
Application Condition Indoor/Semi Outdoor
Material Cold-roll steel SPCC
Frame Color Black/White/Customization
Mount/Installation type Standby/Wall mount with wheel rack
Dimension with base 1880x632x80mm

Liquid crystal splicing screen the new direction of users

    Fast, with the development of the DDW LCD splicing screen is made up of ordinary black and white monitor evolution, relative to the black and white monitor, LCD splicing screen color more clearly, not only pixels higher, better stability and longer service life. LCD splicing screen can be single use consists of dozens of sets of LCD splicing screen splicing, a comprehensive use of course by combination of LCD liquid crystal splicing screen splicing splicing wall must be used in the security system of large. In order to meet the needs of users, the LCD splicing screen going Gao Qinghua, intelligent and networked.

With the development of the society, the safety of users of DDW LCD splicing screen is becoming more and more high, therefore, the liquid crystal splicing screen to get a high speed development, at present, the LCD splicing screen has been widely used in the transportation sector, financial, commercial exhibition, the exhibition, radio and television, entertainment, business, government units and other places, and with the ascension of the LCD splicing technology, falling prices, more and more small businesses also have the ability to inherit the LCD splicing screen price, began to build their own monitoring system, to achieve security requirements.

The LCD splicing screen

DDW LCD splicing time the rapid development of the main factors

1, as a special screen splicing display device, liquid crystal splicing screen installation and debugging is often is a relatively tedious process and important link. Relative to the DLP and other heavy display device, light the LCD splicing screen display device is an important advantage, can greatly reduce maintenance costs.

2, LCD splicing system has struck, high resolution, can open the window display at the same time multiplex signals, a window to roam and characteristics of the overlay, can provide users with flexible and vivid pictures showed.

3, any combination, and flexible freedom. LCD splicing screen combination has a great deal of space, the small screen LCD splicing unit used as a whole screen, also can do a single screen LCD splicing can also be a pair of M * N full screen, the screen size can also be mixed assembly.

4, long life, low cost, mature technology, the service life of up to 60000 hours, guarantee system for a long time continuous work.

5, liquid crystal splicing screen seam width narrowing, lower cost will continue to expand the low-end users.

As domestic LCD splicing screen gradually improve, people’s living standards rising, home users demand for security is gradually increased, in the next few years, many LCD splicing screen manufacturers take a bigger share of priority, technology innovation and providing the humanized service, after all, nobody will like poor quality, after-sales service is bad LCD splicing screen manufacturers.

Because the LCD video monitoring system on security, crime prevention have the effect of cannot be underestimated, as the LCD splicing screen prices lower, the rising of the people’s living standard, individual users to the growing demand for home security will lead to the development of liquid crystal splicing screen. Home users will become the LCD splicing screen in emerging markets, and is expected to show significant growth in the next few years.

DDW, in view of the above problem, starts from oneself, the banner of firm product quality, adhere to technological innovation, is committed to become the industry benchmark, contribute to the development of industry. On technical innovation, the look should not be limited to their own technological innovation, but the innovation direction of cross-border, particularly with the fusion of Internet technology; On the market service, niche applications, detailed market services, to provide customers better products and services.

The LCD splicing screen space between “micro” market

Since the second half of last year, small spacing LCD splicing enterprises some hesitation. Problems are two: smaller than small spacing “micro space” the product failed to break through; According to industry’s largest independent market also failed to break through “home”. Both, was the industry’s “dream”.

Space between “micro” technology first, can meet the technical requirements of the enterprise is not much, also from a cost point of view, the cost of merchants affordability and market strength is not strong, cannot achieve “marketization”. So the development of the space between “micro” should rest instead of into the slow lane and is a better way to deal with.

Second, the LCD splicing screen household market competition is fierce, LCD splicing screen because of the market share is narrow and small spacing two limitations of the high cost of development.

For the above two problems, small spacing LCD splicing screen enterprises now have consensus: put a put the original ideas, to explore the “commercial” value.

The so-called small spacing LCD splicing screen commercial market, actually is not a “specific” type of products. But referring to do not need special customized, have bulk requirements, may be bulk supply of those applications. Look from the object, the commercial market is facing the enterprises, governments, institutions, social organizations. Look from the application types including public, conference room to display, large-scale multimedia classroom, cultural facilities, scientific and technological innovation in the field, and so on.

For the commercial market, but also the understanding of the need to have another dimension: LCD splicing screen must be found to withstand small spacing “high cost” of the market. But many areas of commercial market, just meet the effect first, the cost is more tolerant characteristic.

Because of this, you can use the following three sentences to describe small spacing commercial “outlook” : LCD splicing screen can afford a lot of advantage, there are some, competing goods is more, wars are freed, but win just messy. With contrast color television market: could afford less unknown, advantages, market competition into the open. Sta contrast, can see small spacing LCD splicing aggressively expand the commercial market, is a clever move. Commercial market will become namely after the engineering application, small spacing LCD splicing products and a strong growth.

In the face of the “direction” transformation of the industry, small spacing behind what is the nature of law? “Cost” attribute has become the key to the industry orientation.

From a technical point of view

“The effective demand of the boundary of technical evolution”, and now small spacing LCD splicing screen “technical strength” of the product, objectively determines the future competition will revolve around “cost”.

Seen from the development of the industry market

From high-end engineering, to the ordinary engineering, to the commercial, to home – this is a process of cost tolerance gradually reduce. Or, small spacing LCD splicing screen if you want to set up performance in a broader market, then you must “get warlords” on cost.

So, the cost is the key to the future development – this is the small distance between the fundamental law of the biggest LCD splicing screen industry. To find the direction, can grasp the target market. For years in a row, according to the observation of small spacing LCD splicing screen industry development experience, namely “point to the direction, is more important than climbing up the tech tree”.

DDW review: is the so-called: all roads lead to Rome. Liquid crystal splicing development direction is not one-way, but a multi-dimensional. LCD splicing enterprise also is such, although technological innovation is the fundamental industry development, however, the development of other direction is industry forward, up the development of space, do not ignore the whole forest for a tree, hanging in the technology of this tree

Large size interactive LCD digital signage for department store

Introduce functions of the interactive LCD digital signage system.


The default program broadcasting . Broadcast specified programs on specified date and time . Automatically deleted overdue program . Program insertion , broadcast emergency major events .

Program encryption

Make encryption and authentication for playlists and program material , refuse illegal program broadcast . independent password by grouping . Certificate U disk, only authenticated program can be imported. Multi-language menu: Support Chinese ,English and other languages(Multiple OSD languages can be added according to the sales area and needs )

Split-screen display

Support switch between both horizontal & vertical display mode Support switch between full screen and split diplay mode Both horizontal & vertical display mode support full screen and split display mode Can realize scroll marquee play , smooth scrolling , without pause

Timing management

Support turn on , turn off , timer switch , manually 4 o perating mode Select the timer switch Support 2 independent timers everyday Support set up 7 days a week independent , also support set up according to the daily management File import Support CF card , SD card , U disk & other storing media store file , improt playlist and program material file into these storing media . Configuer terminal parameters and update the software by CF card , SD card and U disk

Log management

Terminal works log Switch time record Remont control record File import and software update record Terminal log Abnoemal record Broadcast record log Fully record program broadcast date , time and broadcast times Export log files by the terminal ID and date to the U disk Support retain logs up to 1 month , automatically delaeted the log files beyond this time .


Business Organizations supermarket , large-scale shopping malls , exclusive agency , chain shops , large-scale sales , star-rated hotels , restaurants , travel agencies , pharmacy .
Financial Organizations Banks , negotiable securities , funds , insurance companies , pawnshops

Non-profit Organizations Telecommunications , post offices , hospital , schools

Public Places subway , airports , stations , gas stations , toll stations , bookstores , parks , exhibition halls , stadiums , museums , convention centers , ticket agencies , HR market , lottery centers , Real Estate Property , Apartments , villas , offices , commercial buildings , model rooms , property brokers .
Entertainments Movie theaters , fitness halls , country clubs , clubs , massage rooms , bars , cafes , Internet bars , beauty shops , golf course


4k concept sweeping the display field The process of domestic splicing hd

    Maybe for many people, the so-called high-definition are still in the field of display 1080 p, FULL HD and retina parameters such as concept, about 4 k resolution of “propaganda has been in FULL swing, the projection is hit by a storm, TV, big screen, video card, and many other display field. Relative to the current domestic splicing industry development boom, the emergence of the 4 k and will bring about a high-definition, promote the development of domestic joining together to 4 k hd!

The so-called 4 k, refers to the resolution, which is 4096 x 2160. We now often mentioned 1080 p resolution is 1920 by 1080, apple’s latest generation of the display resolution of 2048 x 1536, contrast can be seen from the above parameters, 4 k resolution is four times that of the traditional 1080 p display resolution, even compared with the new device, twice its resolution is improved. Is called 4 K, it is mainly a kind of habit, the industry has many people called 1080 p 2 K, and 720 p (1280 x 720) called 1.3 K, which is mainly based on the number of horizontal pixel resolution to distinguish.

In fact, the 4 k of the most promising application areas is bigger, the LCD splicing as one of the most important product display area scope for more. To a head, has technical advantages of Japanese companies, SONY, JVC, NEC is on 4 k strategy this year, its some to look at the high-end market, while others are directed at the cinema.

4 k can be displayed in the field of new standards, represents the most exquisite display effect in theory, of course, the specific effect also look at screen material, the chip quality, and many other factors, but there is no doubt that 4 k still represents a new level. In fact in the last 4 k is seldom mentioned, or speak of is not on the offensive, in the first quarter of 2012, however, more than 4 k was heavyweight manufacturers in oral. All along, the relevant people in the industry believe that because of the sources of rare, rapid development has 4 k distance distance, but look from the current situation and the process seems to have a trend in advance.

With the concept of the 4 k gradually into people’s horizons, 2012 will be 4 k began to spread. Because from the beginning of the year, the word 4 k in the number of people view will increase, projection, monitor, television, large screen, chips, mobile phone manufacturers are in the field of announced this year March 4 k, giving the popularity of 4 k faster provides a strong support. For screen splicing display industry products, 4 k arrival will be a new technical challenges, in hd era, whether it’s 4 k or LCD splicing, both are closely linked. Believe in the near future, 4 k will be commonplace in the display field parameter configuration.

LCD video wall for the future development should pay attention

LCD video wall for the future development should pay attention to environmental protection

Environmental protection more and more important in our life, and liquid crystal splicing screen to achieve environmental protection can bring us very good effect, energy saving province is the biggest characteristic. We should advocate low carbon development of low power consumption. In this appeal to the green era of environmental protection, low energy consumption as the LCD video wall manufacturers, we need to keep in mind that their corporate social responsibility, will be to “green” concept, to energy conservation and environmental protection has been hold on, to walk in the forefront of the market. Since 2010 to low-power, low harmful substance content, long service life LED back light products as a main line of product development, this year is to launch the LCD splicing series all green LED display products. Hope to meet the user demand for products of energy saving low carbon era.

LCD video wall in the development of the future, should pay attention to the LED back light technology and the development of LCD splicing technology, often displays on the market at present is based on large screen LCD splicing technology, and most of the LCD splicing screen using LED back light. The LCD splicing screen low carbon environmental protection will be not far from us. LCD splicing technology constantly updated, making the LCD splicing the demand of the market changes, in the past two years, a large screen size has also appeared in pluralism, the focus of the LCD splicing products is also concentrated in the large size and sew. Today, the development of 46 inch LCD splicing screen, and flat-fell seam is shrinking. Expect the future development of large size will be welcome.

In environmental protection low carbon development at the same time, as the LCD splicing screen manufacturers, also will be a solid liquid crystal splicing screen market. Seize the opportunity, meet the challenge. DDW r&d technique strength is strong, continuous innovation, in the field of new products and new concepts first, bold breakthrough, beyond the self designed to meet the customer’s business environment, audience at the same time, the use of target. And the LCD splicing market will also along with the diversification of user requirements stimulate a broader market. As a professional supplier of LCD splicing DDW and will continuously breakthrough, bring different visual display for the user.

The LCD splicing screen switch greatly exquisite

     In today’s society, the development of science and technology, economy, accelerating urbanization construction, LCD splicing screen update, starting with the most heavy machine into today’s ultra-thin machine, the progress of The Times, is also the generation in a generation. DDW today with everybody to popularize the use of the liquid crystal splicing screen switch shortcut, avoid error at the time of operation.

A consumer is buying LCD splicing screen when some people will question, product box has a remote control, the remote control is what? LCD splicing screen are technicians use the remote control, more is to modify a big screen set parameters, and not the user operation switch machine tools. So, is there other in addition to turn off the power switch machine usage? This is, of course, the use of liquid crystal splicing screen will install a software, this software can take place, set the timer switch machine, also can in the software operational control screen to turn it off.

LCD splicing screen quality panel structure, strong stability, strong fighting force, withstand voltage change is strong. LCD splicing screen can do so directly with the power switch control, as long as the power supply control part and a professional open, can use directly open control switch machine LCD splicing screen every day. Which is also the DLP and projection screen display can’t do it. Because, DLP, projection if use the power switch machine for long time, will reduce the life span, high damage rate. LCD splicing screen can switch power supply, and from the internal power of control part of the special manufacturing, which is industry think more high-tech than DLP and LCD splicing screen projector.

Outside on the one hand, the LCD splicing screen directly pull the switch machine is not frequently used. Because the LCD splicing screen mining have super added explosion-proof glass coating surface treatment technology, thermal deformation, use for a long time will not appear inside concave or convex surface phenomenon. Traditional internal display is composed of many circuits, the circuit drives the cathode ray tube work, need to consume a lot of power, and with the increase of volume, the consumption of the internal circuit power will certainly increase. By comparison, the power consumption of LCD main consumption on its internal electrode and driver IC, so power consumption than conventional displays is much smaller. Longer life and do not shut down for 365 days to use, can let we don’t need to turn it off, and liquid crystal splicing screen also is more used in the monitoring center, dispatch center, KTV, so need long time not to turn it off. Ok, LCD splicing screen turned off using has finished, DDW hope the broad masses of consumers to be able to perfect the LCD splicing screen operation.

Ceiling mount IP65 outdoor digital signage www.ddw.net

Indoor outdoor digital signage replaced the trend of Large format outdoor LED display

In order to control light pollution and outdoor LCD display screen installation approval more and more complicated, which means mounting locations more and less, for the supplier of LED display, breakthrough in outdoor applications is also increasingly difficult. When the outdoor application is not enough to maintain the growth of performance, LED display manufacturers will look to lock in the commercial market, and LED display technology to enhance the confidence has become.

With limited indoor space, while the traditional LED display has a close look at the strong sense of the disadvantage of the particle, and compared with the plasma products, it certainly will not become the preferred target customers. However, with the invention of the small pitch LED display, the disadvantage is made up. The perfect picture of the effect of the LED display screen has a challenge, DLP and other large format display of the desire of the product, while the interior business market has naturally become the focus of a lot of suppliers force.

However, LED display with small spacing technology costs are high, the threshold is higher, at this stage, whether it is from the production, or from the application level, are the exclusive province of large enterprises, in this case, low use cost, shipping a large quantity of LCD digital signage became the choice for most businesses.

Relying on the inherent advantages of LED display, compared with the traditional LCD advertising, LCD digital signage displays has many advantages in the outdoor environment. Such as LED advertising screen brightness can reach 5000cd/m2, outdoor environment, whether from the coverage or from the display, than LCD digital signage displays.

The survey found that over the past year, LED display in the outdoor application of commercial LCD display market share, although showing a growth trend, but the power is not the increase in the number of screens, but the original value of the screen. This also means that with the increase of the application of commercial LCD display market demand, the traditional business model is not able to promote the sustainable development of the industry, LED display industry if you want steady growth, walk the fine line, application of thinning and LED display vigorously into manufacturers for indoor applications the commercial market development and the outdoor digital signage is a new attempt for the changes.

splicing lcd video wall for hotel restaurant

Splicing LCD video wall screen helps upgrade the image of the hotel industry

When the large hotels owners want to do better, a high-tech products LCD screen appeared. For a time, all over the country’s large hotels began to install Splicing LCD video wall screen crazily, in the lobby of the hotel, hotel rooms, hotel door, hotel conference room, hotel restaurants, the Splicing LCD video wall screen is everywhere. In order to attract more people, the hotel use of Splicing LCD video wall screen at the gate, showing a dazzling light, becoming the most shining place in a city.


While using the Splicing LCD video wall screen in the lobby of the hotel, the hall will be more fashionable and noble, it can bring customers more interesting, as well as the official hotel broadcast information, even bring more colors and fun to the ceremony, is the best interpretation of the classic luxury. And hotel rooms use Splicing LCD video wall screen can let it become a theater VIP rooms, wide field of vision, the high clear high brightness of the product characteristics, bring unique luxury enjoyment for star customers. Also in the hotel conference room can using the Splicing LCD video wall screen and improve the function of intelligent conference room, because now brand Splicing LCD video wall screen can be arbitrary window roaming, split screen, superposition function can more easily manage the content of the meeting, to display the meeting content, delicate color is very good, which is the Splicing LCD video wall screen in the hotel industry in the typical application.


Application of LCD screen in Hotel industry. At present, Under the action of “tourism” and “business” these two major consumer pull, the Chinese hotel industry is showing a rapid growth trend, while the traditional hotel industry is also facing an upgrade. Along with our country in the global economic status enhancement and become the new world business center, the international business activities held in our country are increasing day by day, this gives enormous pressure to the hotel industry to internationalization and informationization transition.


Among them, the hotel guests, especially business guests, on behalf of the brand image, reflect the upgrading of the functional requirements of the video equipment is increasingly high. High resolution LCD screen to become a popular video display terminal is an inevitable choice, it can make the hotel a great glory, quality improvement. At the same time, with the gradual improvement of the level of China’s information development, especially the Olympic Games, the competition activities of the pull and influence, prompting the hotel industry to carrying out the reform of the essence.