Mounts for Video Walls and Displays

Often times when people discuss the ‘important’ features of an LCD display they will list resolution, color ( 8bit – 10bit ) or inputs. But what often goes unnamed could be one of the most important features on a display. Mounting options. We know ‘mounting options’ doesn’t have quite the same verbal impact as say 4k resolution does but it could in fact be what makes or breaks your next AV installation.
When AV integrators or DIY installers are scoping out their projects one of the most important key elements is how the displays will be installed on the wall surface. A few things to keep in mind when mounting displays; do the displays themselves come with VESA ( Video Electronics Standards Association ) standard mounting holes and will the user require backend access at any point? Purchasing / Installing displays that come with VESA standard mounts will provide you with far more mounting options.