portable digital signage

The Portable digital signage for retail commercial use

The portable digital signage , as a kind of particular application form, has become the digital signage application different from other commercial shows the application of a typical representative.

With the highlight attributes of the digital signage applications, its original independent industry increasingly blurred. Especially in the retail industry, the application of portable digital signage is regarded as the digital sign applications permeate “pioneer”.

Based on traditional digital marketing idea, portable digital signage of the complexity of the application environment in public places with a strong ability to adapt, such as vertical LCD advertising display mostly adopts a solid aluminum alloy and glass as case, the integration of design, dust-proof, effectively prevent man-made scratch, etc., to ensure that the product in the densely populated environment security, stability.
At the same time, the retail industry, due to dispersion and the application range is extensive user base, the market application of personalized characteristic is very outstanding, while portable digital signage has flexibility and the application needs to keep a high degree of fit, it is also the’s retail customers an important reason.