Commercial display, sweeping the entire service industry

Sweeping the entire service industry ——Commercial display

The huge service industry is full of the diversified atmosphere of the new era, so that with the pursuit of individualized and outstanding people, the service industry is also facing higher standards. When faced with a variety of different industries covered in this system, and with the need for common development . Commercial display as an emerging carrier of modern information interaction . with different functions to achieve different scene applications, is sweeping this A complex service system, and create a new and exciting atmosphere!

Now, Commercial display has not only confined to the pictures showed hd on the realistic effects . But based on the integrated into the new technology, to produce the application of human-computer interaction more intelligent elements, to meet the user’s customized pursuit, create different scenarios for diverse industries, with the development of service industry application.

Commercial display Application Scenarios

Commercial display Application Scenarios

Such as venues, theaters, major supermarkets and car sites, etc., for the various needs of intelligent commercial display. To invest in intelligent business applications, to provide a good display platform and automated terminals for each service area in the form of smart and simple . The processing system solves some complex problems in people’s production and life and presents beautiful picture forms.

Looking at the service industry for the large-scale service industry, involving diversified service pursuits. Coupled with multiple favorable technologies such as technology and policy. It is predicted that the Commercial display industry will maintain a rapid development trend in recent years. As the outstanding leader of Commercial display industry . DDW will also keep pace with each other and seize new development opportunities. Whether it is in the application of large-screen splicing or digital signage display . DDW will adjust its strategic resources and strive to serve the development of large industries. Provide quality Commercial display solutions!

Creative design of LCD display intelligent application marketing system

Creative design of the marketing system makes LCD display smart application more efficient

To marketing system consisting of the LCD display, with intelligent, automated, advanced features, face special design system application usage scenarios of different version. Here are a few of the different marketing scenarios to witness their creative design.


Comemrcial retail LCD video wall display

LCD video wall display for retail electronic store

Shopping mall retail + interactive design: As the largest retail market gathering place, shopping malls add a crowd of people in front of a dazzling array of goods, it is difficult to achieve consistent sales and service operations. Here, the marketing guide system can be placed in the mall center, elevator room, shop door, store, etc., for detailed shopping guides and product information, which helps consumers to see at a glance; and can directly contact the marketing guide system according to demand.


digital signage for fashion store

digital signage for apparel

Apparel brand + digital marketing: clothing brand monopoly can be described as an unswerving fashion pursuit. In the era of digital marketing system, the liquid crystal display marketing system provides a full HD digital interactive experience, and it is easy for customers to introduce and test products. One-stop service experience of dressing mirror, tailoring, and purchase payment. It does not require customers to go through the complicated selection and fitting process in the past, and the whole process is smart and fast. It realizes the deep integration of the digital marketing system and the clothing brand, and constitutes a unique style, successfully shaping the fashion upgrade of the clothing brand!

digital signage for restaurant

digital signage for food industry

Food industry + intelligent service: queuing consumption is the normal state of the catering industry. Applying the intelligent marketing display system, one-click can complete the first-line service process of ordering, scanning code payment, and ordering meals, including special service items, really fast. Solve all kinds of dining problems with long queues and poor service.

DDW as a supplier of professional marketing, operating system programs can be adapted to local conditions, according to the specific needs of users, the use of advanced hardware and software technology, brilliantly intelligent design applications, driven by consumer spending confidence and purchasing power, full and effective Improve the brand marketing model and create an active and popular atmosphere for the marketing industry!

Ceiling mount IP65 outdoor digital signage

Indoor outdoor digital signage replaced the trend of Large format outdoor LED display

In order to control light pollution and outdoor LCD display screen installation approval more and more complicated, which means mounting locations more and less, for the supplier of LED display, breakthrough in outdoor applications is also increasingly difficult. When the outdoor application is not enough to maintain the growth of performance, LED display manufacturers will look to lock in the commercial market, and LED display technology to enhance the confidence has become.

With limited indoor space, while the traditional LED display has a close look at the strong sense of the disadvantage of the particle, and compared with the plasma products, it certainly will not become the preferred target customers. However, with the invention of the small pitch LED display, the disadvantage is made up. The perfect picture of the effect of the LED display screen has a challenge, DLP and other large format display of the desire of the product, while the interior business market has naturally become the focus of a lot of suppliers force.

However, LED display with small spacing technology costs are high, the threshold is higher, at this stage, whether it is from the production, or from the application level, are the exclusive province of large enterprises, in this case, low use cost, shipping a large quantity of LCD digital signage became the choice for most businesses.

Relying on the inherent advantages of LED display, compared with the traditional LCD advertising, LCD digital signage displays has many advantages in the outdoor environment. Such as LED advertising screen brightness can reach 5000cd/m2, outdoor environment, whether from the coverage or from the display, than LCD digital signage displays.

The survey found that over the past year, LED display in the outdoor application of commercial LCD display market share, although showing a growth trend, but the power is not the increase in the number of screens, but the original value of the screen. This also means that with the increase of the application of commercial LCD display market demand, the traditional business model is not able to promote the sustainable development of the industry, LED display industry if you want steady growth, walk the fine line, application of thinning and LED display vigorously into manufacturers for indoor applications the commercial market development and the outdoor digital signage is a new attempt for the changes.