How do I activate the future market for LCD digital signage?

future market for LCD digital signage

Say that the city is not developed, it is necessary to look at the digital signs floating is not beautiful, not to mention the application of ubiquitous development trend, involving a wide range of frequently visible, such as food and beverage, education, entertainment, exhibition hall and many other industries , And adapt to the trend in the development of the times, the interactive demand is increasing, further highlighting the individual pursuit of digital signage, so as to promote the continuous innovation of technology. Especially in recent years, the most prominent is the AR, VR and other technical hot spots, by virtue of its high-definition, real image, realistic and flexible technical means can bring people into the immersive experience, such as the recent experimental primary school in Hangzhou, a mysterious light of the interstellar tunnel As if the students see the “future world” classroom. The convergence of this new technology is also a major highlight of the digital signage display, and aroused the digital signage display terminal to further enhance the standardization, no doubt rely on the integration of new technology will become the next sign of digital sign innovation wisdom.
DDW has been focused on the digital signage industry for several years, the main launch of the LCD advertising machine, touch one machine, intelligent monitoring advertising machine, intelligent conference one machine and other digital display terminal, can be applied to the venue, finance and other industry applications, In addition to the user can customize the application solution for users, but also the introduction of new technologies, innovative wisdom, to provide users with the use of scenes and products, a unique display program, and is committed to the future of innovation to the most fashionable application of the Internet Influx.

Talking about LCD Digital Signage Industry and Internet Fashion

“Internet +” trend of the times, to promote the development of social change ups and downs, has become a booster of social progress. And digital signage as a new concept of the media, to provide new channels for information, to convey to people a variety of forms of information, including audio and video, text, portraits, while continuing to explore the characteristics of personalized lcd digital signage, The traditional paper media media, the Internet era of the new interactive window, but also marks the digital signs are emerging Internet technology advances with the times, science and technology applications to lead the trend!

LCD Digital Signage in what way to become the mainstream of Internet fashion benchmark it?

With the technology to update iterations, the digital signage industry to enter the digital, reinforce the foundation of intelligent technology, in the original support of the text, audio and video and other multimedia playback based on the wisdom to create in the application to touch, interactive, In addition to it in the display to break a single display, you can multi-screen display at the same time, with the screen was different, vertical and horizontal screen arbitrary combination, in addition to the digital display, Resolution random combination, the program intelligence release, interactive advertising does not interfere with each other, to provide users with more choices and play creative display. This variety of display methods can meet the individual needs of the display program, but also in line with the Internet era of diversified pursuit, enough to become the most fashionable cutting-edge display applications.

portable digital signage

The Portable digital signage for retail commercial use

The portable digital signage , as a kind of particular application form, has become the digital signage application different from other commercial shows the application of a typical representative.

With the highlight attributes of the digital signage applications, its original independent industry increasingly blurred. Especially in the retail industry, the application of portable digital signage is regarded as the digital sign applications permeate “pioneer”.

Based on traditional digital marketing idea, portable digital signage of the complexity of the application environment in public places with a strong ability to adapt, such as vertical LCD advertising display mostly adopts a solid aluminum alloy and glass as case, the integration of design, dust-proof, effectively prevent man-made scratch, etc., to ensure that the product in the densely populated environment security, stability.
At the same time, the retail industry, due to dispersion and the application range is extensive user base, the market application of personalized characteristic is very outstanding, while portable digital signage has flexibility and the application needs to keep a high degree of fit, it is also the’s retail customers an important reason.


Outdoor digital signage

Outdoor digital signage develop rapidly in commercial display

Outdoor digital signage develop rapidly

With the progress of social technology, outdoor advertising is gradually from the traditional static billboards rapidly to dynamic digital transformation. Outdoor digital signage spread information will not be affected by the weather and can bring good visual and auditory enjoyment, can be widely applied to outdoor advertising, outdoor public information release, outdoor media, touch interactive query in areas such as all-weather, greatly improve the picture administrative levels sense, can better details. As the outdoor digital signage usage scenarios from half outdoor to full outdoor gradually expanded, its challenges and more diversified.

The brightness of the outdoor digital signage industry standard is needed in the shining of the skylight environment 1500 CD/M2 (later referred to as “CD) can call it outdoor displays. Recently, a German professional digital signage consultants a set of evaluation for outdoor display. Through a set of CD from 450 to 3000 CD display contrast effects can be intuitive feel, only 1500 CD the brightness of the display effect under the condition of the sun. Means that only 1500 of the CD of display brightness can cause decay and loss of visual information, cannot have the effect of attract attention. However, Samsung OHD series outdoor display brightness can be as high as 3000 CD, full beyond industry standard double, even in the face of midday light can also ensure clear and bright display, make image “light”.
“Anti glare” as a screen technology, has been widely used in mobile phones, tablet and display, etc. In daily life. But for outdoor digital signage, if you don’t want to be a “public pier glass,” requires higher anti glare index. Especially when applied in traffic industry information display scenario, if the display is not clear or light refraction, etc., will cause great hidden trouble of road safety. Samsung outdoor digital signage through the use of unique technology, by enhancing image contrast and Samsung exclusive patented reflex eliminate membrane, can effectively enhance your visibility and reduce the screen of specular reflection. At the same time, Samsung outdoor digital signage is not only “anti glare,” also “polarized”. Through the application of the circular polarization technology, solve the traditional liquid crystal display in the human eye wear polarized sunglasses when viewed “show blind area” problem, more comprehensive protection to the road traffic safety.
Outdoor digital signage is an important terminal in urban informatization construction, wisdom is one of the important elements to build urban business card. The development of outdoor digital signage will provide the wisdom of the urban construction in China with strong boost.


interactive digital signage

49 inch dynamic interactive digital signage

49 inch dynamic interactive digital signage

The interactive digital signage is more and more welcome by businesses and organizations during digital signage deployment, and a good design and function model is necessary to get success

Shenzhen DDW Technology Co.,Ltd is a one of China leading manufacturer of commercial LCD displays, such as indoor outdoor digital signage and interactive digital signages.


49″ dynamic interactive digital signage Key features

1 . LED Backlight , FHD 1920×1080 resolution

2 . Seamless designed aluminum alloy frame

3 . Android OS IP/WIFI remote networkcontrol

4 . High contrast 500nits brightness

5 . High brightness 2000nits ,1500nits can be customized


Interactive digital signage Display mode

1, Support video , flash animation,images and text mix broadcasting . Video truly seamless playback . Up to 14 kinds of picture transition mode .
2, Support rich display resolution 1366×768 , 1440×900 , 1600×900 , 1680×1050 , 1920×1080
3, Support HDMI VGA input port, SD / TF card slot and USB slot


Detail Optional configurations

Android Network version Version 1 Quad core 8G internal memory,HDMI,VGA input,USB,SD slot,WIFI,LAN,3G/4G optional
Version 2 Dual core 4G internal memory,HDMI,VGA input,USB,SD slot,WIFI,LAN,3G/4G optional
Version 3 Quad core 8G internal memory,HDMI,VGA output,USB,SD slot,WIFI,LAN,3G/4G optional
Version 4 Dual core 4G internal memory,HDMI,VGA output,USB,SD slot,WIFI,LAN,3G/4G optional
Standalone version Version 5 HDMI,VGA input,USB,SD slot,4GB internal memory
Version 6 USB,SD slot,4GB internal memory
PC version Version 7 i3 4G RAM 500GB HDD,WIN7 OS,flexible config
Version 8 i5 8G RAM 500GB HDD,WIN7 OS,flexible config
Version 9 i7 16G RAM 500GB HDD,WIN7 OS,flexible config



Panel type TFT-LCD
Diagonal 49”
Aspect Ratio 16/9
Physical Resolution 1920×1080
Display Colors 16.7M
Viewing Angle H178º/ V178º
Luminance(nits) 500cd/m2
Contrast 1100:1
Backlit type WLED
Response time 6ms
Life(hrs) more than 60000
RJ45(network port) 1
USB 1(USB 2.0)
SD 1(Capatible MMC/MS)
CF 1
VGA Optional
DVI Optional
HDMI Optional
Power Supply AC100~250V 50/60 HZ
Max.Consumption ≤200W
Standby Consumption ≤3W
Control Method TCP/IP , WIFI , Software Control(Network version only) , IR
Color System Support PAL/NTSC/SECAM
OSD Language Multiple languages
Rich Resolution Support 1080P , 1080I , 720P , 480P &multiple resolutions
Video forma tsupport MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4/DivX/ASP/WMV/AVI
Image format support JPEG/BMP/TIFF/PNG/GIF
Audio format support Wave/MP3/WMA/AAC
Splicing Display Support
Working Temperature 0℃-50℃
Working Humidity 10%-85%
Storage Temperature 0℃-50℃
Storage Humidity 5%-95%
Cooling Low noise fans
Application Condition Indoor/Semi Outdoor
Material Cold-roll steel SPCC
Frame Color Black/White/Customization
Mount/Installation type Standby/Wall mount with wheel rack
Dimension with base 1880x632x80mm
Restaurant digital signage menu board

Ceiling digital signage menu board creates fast-food restaurant a pleasant dining services

There’re several benifits to use the Ceiling digital signage menu board for restaurant and fast food services center.

Easy repast
Customer experience is related to the speed and ease. Have accurate menu at the right time, the information is very important. In the past, the business owner has two choices: all day will be a day of 3 eat all of the information displayed in the menu on the board or the use of tilting double-sided menu board.

By improving the display content to strengthen the user experience
Digital menu board can be adjusted according to the time of the day. Breakfast menu, for example, you can specify 5 o ‘clock in the morning to 11 points in this period. At the same time, also provide more flexibility for promotional activities, help arrange the menu, this can also speed up order processing efficiency and accuracy.

Saving the cost of printing, do more marketing
A simple price movements or the static menu board replacement, maybe it takes a week (due to the design, approval, printing, transportation, etc.). And if it is digital, it takes only a few minutes to complete the update.

Increase sales
Ceiling type advertisement digital signage can make the process more simple and automation. Sales order entry system, the screen can display the corresponding projects. A high resolution screen make restaurant with a more attractive image content to capture more customers.


Digital ready for the challenge?
But now, the digital screen can’t afford to the vagaries of the weather. Rain, snow, hot, cold, such as extreme weather, in the very long period of time could make the digital screen does not work, and it also makes the challenges faced with the unknown. Limit digital screen, however, in the conditions of use, as well as its operation state, etc in direct sunlight, has been solved. Therefore, time display dynamic updating information, etc., also becomes easier.

The peak of the digital
Fast food restaurants have a chance to improve customer engagement. This, not only is far better than the other competitors, and also different from other decades still did not improve the drive-thru business management pattern of the merchant. Through digital menu board technology and outdoor advertising machine combination on floor, can promote sales growth, improve the efficiency of service, to create a more pleasant dining experience, also can improve customer loyalty.