How do I activate the future market for LCD digital signage?

future market for LCD digital signage

Say that the city is not developed, it is necessary to look at the digital signs floating is not beautiful, not to mention the application of ubiquitous development trend, involving a wide range of frequently visible, such as food and beverage, education, entertainment, exhibition hall and many other industries , And adapt to the trend in the development of the times, the interactive demand is increasing, further highlighting the individual pursuit of digital signage, so as to promote the continuous innovation of technology. Especially in recent years, the most prominent is the AR, VR and other technical hot spots, by virtue of its high-definition, real image, realistic and flexible technical means can bring people into the immersive experience, such as the recent experimental primary school in Hangzhou, a mysterious light of the interstellar tunnel As if the students see the “future world” classroom. The convergence of this new technology is also a major highlight of the digital signage display, and aroused the digital signage display terminal to further enhance the standardization, no doubt rely on the integration of new technology will become the next sign of digital sign innovation wisdom.
DDW has been focused on the digital signage industry for several years, the main launch of the LCD advertising machine, touch one machine, intelligent monitoring advertising machine, intelligent conference one machine and other digital display terminal, can be applied to the venue, finance and other industry applications, In addition to the user can customize the application solution for users, but also the introduction of new technologies, innovative wisdom, to provide users with the use of scenes and products, a unique display program, and is committed to the future of innovation to the most fashionable application of the Internet Influx.