Talking about LCD Digital Signage Industry and Internet Fashion

“Internet +” trend of the times, to promote the development of social change ups and downs, has become a booster of social progress. And digital signage as a new concept of the media, to provide new channels for information, to convey to people a variety of forms of information, including audio and video, text, portraits, while continuing to explore the characteristics of personalized lcd digital signage, The traditional paper media media, the Internet era of the new interactive window, but also marks the digital signs are emerging Internet technology advances with the times, science and technology applications to lead the trend!

LCD Digital Signage in what way to become the mainstream of Internet fashion benchmark it?

With the technology to update iterations, the digital signage industry to enter the digital, reinforce the foundation of intelligent technology, in the original support of the text, audio and video and other multimedia playback based on the wisdom to create in the application to touch, interactive, In addition to it in the display to break a single display, you can multi-screen display at the same time, with the screen was different, vertical and horizontal screen arbitrary combination, in addition to the digital display, Resolution random combination, the program intelligence release, interactive advertising does not interfere with each other, to provide users with more choices and play creative display. This variety of display methods can meet the individual needs of the display program, but also in line with the Internet era of diversified pursuit, enough to become the most fashionable cutting-edge display applications.