lcd video wall controller

What Are the Functions Of LCD Video Wall Controller?

LCD video wall controller key features:

  • Inputs option: HDMI/DVI/4K DVI/VGA/IP/YpbPr/VIDEO/HD-SDI/S-Video
  • Output Signal: HDMI/DVI/VGA/AUDIO output
  • POP: default each screen 2, 4 ,8,16 windows available
  • More functions: ROAM/ZOOM, text rolling available
  • Android APK iOS APP available , pre-view function available
  • Working temperature:-20℃—60℃ , Working humidity:5-95%
  • Consumption:12w per channel
  • Application: CCTV security surveillance center,control room, video conference,advertising ,etc

With the popularity of LCD video wall, many LCD video wall controller are appearing in the public eye.

lcd video wall controller

lcd video wall controller

LCD video wall controller functions:

Firs of all, the product can display multiple signals in full screen in any rectangular display format;
Second, it takes a certain picture as the background. Opening the window and display other window signals;
Then, size is scalable and position adjustable
Next, using certain one channel as background. The other channels are also displaying on the screen with the overlapping part invisible.
Fifth, provide users with rich mode definition functions, support the mode of the central control;
At last, the basic base map display function can be customized according to customer requirements.
In short, With a new modular concept, multiple machines enable seamless cascade control and signal transmission;

7 inch desktop advertising display

Why Cafe Desktop Advertising Display So Popular?

Cafe Desktop advertising display

Key features:

  • Panel: 7 inch original LG, Samsung , Sharp screen
  • Smart stylish design portable mount
  • Mount type: both portrait landscape available,desktop
  • Glass material: tempered glass
  • Optional version: Standalone version, PC version, Android version
  • Applications: Cafe, Restaurant , hotel
Desktop advertising display is mainly used in cafes


High-end fashion has always been the pursuit of cafes, so the deployment of desktop advertising has become an inevitable trend. So why is the desktop advertising machine very popular in cafes?
First, the cafe desktop advertising digital display can play music videos and pictures to enhance the customer’s first impression. At the same time, it can update the news information and enhance the fashion of the coffee shop.
Then, the cafe desktop advertising display casing is generally made of high-quality aluminum and other metal materials and powder coating process;
Third, connecting the mobile phone can charge the product, which is very convenient and quick;
Finally, the product is small in size, beautiful in appearance, small and exquisite, and highly decorative;
In essence, this product can meet the service requirements of the cafe, bringing good reputation and benefits!

LCD splicing screen gives the best solution for nowadays advertising

In the developed technology to lead, along with the people’s growing demand for large-screen displays, showing rapid changes, a variety of products and styles, allowing users to have more optional. Throughout the market’s normal state, especially in the mixed display market, customers’ choice of products is always inseparable from the price and quality ratio factors, and its high cost performance is the ultimate pursuit.

So in the huge industry market, how does the LCD splicing screen as a smart large-screen display terminal maximize the price and quality?

In product quality, LCD splicing screen has multiple free stitching, features a variety of high-end display, built-powerful, can achieve a variety of display full high-definition plans and real-time information processing terminal, its long life, more functional advantages of stability It is guaranteed to last for 7*24 hours and reliable working time, to meet the user’s long-term security application requirements for large-screen display.

Moreover, given the large screen LCD splicing screen displays close to 180 degrees wide viewing angle display, and has a rich and flexible operation mode display, combined with high-resolution features, with a wide range of application space and really open up the full HD, high-end smart big screen Display application; low maintenance cost in management can meet the basic pursuit of the public in terms of price and performance, so it is increasingly favored by users for customized purchase of LCD splicing screen.

For a penny, you may question: Is the price for a good quality product cheaper?

DDW serves as the LCD screen splicing program outstanding leader, has a wealth of technical experience and strong qualifications for enterprises to establish a good brand image in the industry. With business fundamentals and years of accumulated experience, Emperor Ai Di not only the heritage of all the LCD screen splicing application advantages in terms of quality, but also rich starting point for the market, customer needs, focus on the basic principles to follow industry market prices, given the high user performance reasonable price-oriented solutions for users to achieve cost-effective value.

DDW fourth-generation narrow bezel LCD video wall special

DDW fourth-generation narrow bezel LCD video wall special use Samsung LCD panel, a highly integrated the advanced and high speed image processing technology, designed for video display, high brightness, high definition, the picture is exquisite, color saturation and perfect show every detail of the picture. Splicing screen unique 3 d digital noise reduction technology in a simulated high-definition monitor system, ISP noise reduction technology to upgrade traditional 2 d to 3 d, on the basis of the original frame of noise reduction, strengthen the function of noise reduction between frame and frame; Simulation HD ISP in the image on the features such as wide dynamic also had the very big promotion, in terms of wide dynamic processing, simulation of HD wide dynamic technology, ISP also implements the frame to make image part details are more clear, light and shade is closer to the human eye to see the actual effect.

In terms of display control, controlled by the exclusive patented technology, intelligent wireless control, change control terminal screen, realize the computer control domestic terminal; HD picture switch more convenient. Can through the control of intelligent split screen at the same time, any combination of intelligent, smart split screen mainly has the effect of single independent display, image roaming and picture in picture display, image superposition, the whole screen display, the picture such as tensile, can also according to customer requirements for control.

Narrow bezel LCD video wall splicing screen, on the other hand, are generally working 24 hours a day, all year round, it’s about the quality of the stitching screen has strict request, splicing wall LCD screens are choose high reliability and unique display LCD screen, at the same time ensures the long-term stability of the display, and splicing screen structure and process design, ensures that the splice screen without radiation and interference from external electromagnetic fields. Only the joining together of high performance, high quality screen, can realize the best display of the splicing screen effect.

How to carry on the LCD video wall display creative splicing scheme?

Creativity, individuality is to give something fresh and different from the norm have the potential to form itself and thus enhance the value of things, no matter which industry, creative work is an important factor to sustained development. In the Commercial display industry, the creative splicing of LCD video wall display products is a classic application, and it has become the pursuit of the public with its diverse and individualized ideas.

So where is the creative point of the LCD video wall display solution?

Into the user’s inner needs: LCD splicing screen as a digital display terminal, in the market demand continues to expand, the user’s requirements for splicing screen products are not limited to the product’s own display quality and fixed form of splicing. But on this basis, to customize the size and content according to the needs of users, regular or irregular creative stitching highlight . thus enhancing the overall effect is displayed.

For example applies to Expo, able to shape strange mosaic, covering customized content material, creating a new digital interactive experience time tunnel, the use of smart sensors seamless floor screen from top to bottom on both sides of the tunnel, will be displayed details of the content displayed most vividly, both can very clearly see the scene when viewed from any angle the screen to the big screen, causing an imaginative audience, vividly highlight the personality of the Expo theme.

Apparently, with the integration of life, art and technology, the creative LCD video wall display will bring a more integrated complex, highlighting the display style of smart technology and fashion personality, and dancing! Emperor Electronics has outstanding achievements in the field of LCD video wall display solutions. In the early years, advanced science and technology have been used, and efforts have been made to combine hardware and software materials to present a special viewing angle for many fields such as large-scale events, marketing, restaurants, and exhibition halls.

LCD video wall system to create a stylish business model

LCD Video Wall system fashion business model

Internet access to the information age, intelligence has become the most familiar word that means a new era of new technology in all areas of intelligence to make things more simple but not simple, even in business marketing model has become resounding, especially LCD application mosaic screen marketing system has become a fashion business model. We can see from the following advantages that it has become the first choice for people to be the marketing system!

lcd video wall in the fruit shop

LCD Video Wall In The Fruit Shop

For purposes of the entire business, marketing LCD video wall system to create a new, modern fashion marketing experience, is the traditional single sales manual describes methods can not match, an altered appearance and confirms the theory of evolution of the times that people also seek information under. Therefore, significant business sector, many companies are committed to want a share in the new technologies and products at the same time, DDW as a significant supplier in the industry good one, its technology and services continue to focus on innovation and development, driven era. Currently, Emperor Ai Di LCD screen splicing also extraordinary in the field of commercial marketing, it developed its own technology to pursue colorful display screen saturation, image delicate vivid, with built-in digital matrix and powerful processing chip on the display, Inductive technology and other technical elements integrated into the mobile Internet and data marketing, to create a strong interactive performance, can bring warm experience to customers!

Fashion Mall LCD Video Wall

Fashion Mall LCD Video Wall

In addition, DDW LCD video wall system marketing system is stylish and beautiful in appearance, hardware installation and disassembly and movement are very light, energy saving and environmental protection, which can help merchants save space and cost; automated intelligent operation is conducive to effective and convenient management. It is the need to modernize the application of commercial display, and to create a fashionable business model with innovative marketing!

DDW Case Show : 55 inch LCD video wall to help upgrade of shopping mall

LCD video wall Case Show

Case Show: 55 inch LCD video wall

Project specifications: 3 rows and 3 columns

Stitching seam: 3.5mm

Construction address: a shopping mall monitoring room in the Netherlands

Construction unit: Connection Systems

The mall monitoring center adopts modern monitoring and management facilities, aiming at the development trend of the times. It mainly builds a monitoring and display platform integrating pictures, voice, video and based on network information, and implements interactive information infrastructure of each system. In order to strengthen the office efficiency inside the mall. In this case, a high-definition surveillance display device with a 55 inch LCD video wall as the main body is used to construct an intuitive and visualized modern management work platform.

In this case, according to the specific environment of the mall and the needs of users, DDW is a set of two built-in high-definition camera supporting and LCD screen splicing equipment integrated large-screen monitoring system, adopting the installation method of wall-mounted bracket.

The functional experience of the LCD video wall monitoring system is presented in the solution:

  • 55 inch LCD video wall are using the latest high-definition LCD technology and splicing processing technology, restore full hd display effect, to ensure the user view screen render high-definition images, and under the high speed network support, each LCD display unit of smooth dynamic video images can show clearly and stable operation.Also integrated into the intelligent display function, can more screen image linkage, across the screen, and a superposition of multiple roaming, window, any size, such as high-end display characteristics, let mass behind the stable and reliable source of seamless input display platform, promote market monitoring information visualization management platform.The 55 inch LCD video wall monitoring system solution has completed a positive project for the mall, reflecting the overall intelligent LCD splicing screen monitoring and display supporting facilities, building a visual information platform, which plays an important role in the future use of the mall. effect.
  • In a word, SHENZHEN DDW TECHNOLOGY CO .,LTD is high-quality LCD video wall products, with rich functions, high-definition display, and multiple high-end control methods, highlight high performance, combined with reasonable price, and actively provide high-quality display solutions for various applications. Over the years, DDW has accumulated rich technical experience and solid business foundation from individual engineering cases, and constantly improved the service plan to reach the high-end quality level of the industry, and as the industry benchmark for LCD splicing screen, DDW Excellent for the user to achieve maximum application value!


The LCD video wall installation site must meet 5 conditions

Ultra narrow bezel LCD video wall display experience can bring you a better display effect, ultra wide Angle of view, the display of large capacity, in all aspects of life are better visual enjoyment. To ensure the smooth progress of the project equipment installation on site must meet the following conditions:

1. Environmental requirements

Installation ground smooth solid, strong bearing capacity, deformation, due to the LCD video wall stent generally direct contact with the anti-static floor, need to make sure that the ground bearing stress deformation for a long time.

2, Light requirements

Concealed lighting recommended canister light, the light should not be pointed directly at the screen direction, distance from the screen to keep 3 meters away, lest affect the projection effect; Second should avoid direct sun light.

3, Go line and trough

Low voltage cables (VGA video network serial mouse and keyboard extension cords, etc.) should be separated with high voltage cable line, to avoid interference. If it is to use go trough can’t share a go trough, trough separate walk should be different.

4, Power supply

Considering the system may encounter special would happen break point again electrify current shock, LCD video wall monitor unit itself has power protection design, guaranteed the normal safe operation of equipment; System of power supply for AC 220 v + / – 5%; With a protective earthing line three eye socket, socket number related to splice screen number; Power supply voltage should be stable and reliable; System equipment should have good grounding, grounding resistance < 2 Ω, ensure encountered lightning strike and other special situation when the equipment is not damaged.

5, System environment

1) time the good temperature and humidity control room requirements. Working environment temperature is 23 ℃ + / – 5 ℃, relative humidity 20% to 80%. Joining together back to have air conditioning.

2) before and after the video wall, air-conditioning temperature and humidity should be transferred to the same scale, in order to ensure that splicing wall heat dissipation and splicing flatness of the screen.

3) Video wall for clean room, dust-proof.

4) the fire sprinklers away from splicing wall as much as possible, and to use the spray fire extinguishing agent

LCD video wall for the future development should pay attention

LCD video wall for the future development should pay attention to environmental protection

Environmental protection more and more important in our life, and liquid crystal splicing screen to achieve environmental protection can bring us very good effect, energy saving province is the biggest characteristic. We should advocate low carbon development of low power consumption. In this appeal to the green era of environmental protection, low energy consumption as the LCD video wall manufacturers, we need to keep in mind that their corporate social responsibility, will be to “green” concept, to energy conservation and environmental protection has been hold on, to walk in the forefront of the market. Since 2010 to low-power, low harmful substance content, long service life LED back light products as a main line of product development, this year is to launch the LCD splicing series all green LED display products. Hope to meet the user demand for products of energy saving low carbon era.

LCD video wall in the development of the future, should pay attention to the LED back light technology and the development of LCD splicing technology, often displays on the market at present is based on large screen LCD splicing technology, and most of the LCD splicing screen using LED back light. The LCD splicing screen low carbon environmental protection will be not far from us. LCD splicing technology constantly updated, making the LCD splicing the demand of the market changes, in the past two years, a large screen size has also appeared in pluralism, the focus of the LCD splicing products is also concentrated in the large size and sew. Today, the development of 46 inch LCD splicing screen, and flat-fell seam is shrinking. Expect the future development of large size will be welcome.

In environmental protection low carbon development at the same time, as the LCD splicing screen manufacturers, also will be a solid liquid crystal splicing screen market. Seize the opportunity, meet the challenge. DDW r&d technique strength is strong, continuous innovation, in the field of new products and new concepts first, bold breakthrough, beyond the self designed to meet the customer’s business environment, audience at the same time, the use of target. And the LCD splicing market will also along with the diversification of user requirements stimulate a broader market. As a professional supplier of LCD splicing DDW and will continuously breakthrough, bring different visual display for the user.

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