Outdoor Media Advertising King Outdoor LCD Advertising Machine

With the advent of the digital era, a variety of new forms of media continue to emerge in the advertising market.LCD advertising media is a new form of outdoor LCD advertising Machine. Outdoor advertising Machine is more and more favored by more and more users because of its low price, high reaching rate and good short-term rate of return.

It can be said that the initiative to improve the attention of consumers is the most important advantages of LCD advertising media. Such as watching TV to listen to the radio, every ad on the turntable; read the newspaper, directly over the advertising page; Internet, a pop-up ad immediately press the close button. So that consumers pay attention to advertising and memory will decline, leading to the waste of advertising.

LCD advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent devices that use standard LCD display, LCD TV, through the network and multimedia systems to achieve information display and video advertising.

The current outdoor advertising media, has long been a breakthrough in the form of a single billboard type, the emergence of more new outdoor media. Can be divided into two main categories: print advertising and media advertising. Although the advertisement cost is low, but the relative limitations too, give people the feeling is not natural, and media advertising outdoor LCD advertising machine with its clear images, vivid images, vivid display effect firmly established a leading position.

SO outdoor media advertising king outdoor LCD advertising machine.

With the progress of science and the wide use of digital media, the idea of integration is becoming more and more perfect. The outdoor LCD advertising machine has become the new darlings of the advertising industry in twenty-first Century Chinese, its development potential is far higher than that of the traditional TV media, newspapers and magazines.


How to maximize the advantages of outdoor digital signage ?

Understand the outdoor digital signage to maximize its advantages

DDW outdoor digital signage, no matter what the weather, can display your information outdoors, bringing good visual and auditory enjoyment to outdoor information transmission.It can be widely used in outdoor advertising, outdoor public information release, outdoor media communication, touch interactive query and other fields.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor Digital Signage

outdoor digital signage Its characteristics are:

  1. High-definition highlighting (above 1500 lumens), able to adapt to a variety of outdoor environments.
  2. The temperature control system can adjust the internal temperature and humidity of the equipment to ensure that the equipment works normally at outdoor temperature of -30 °C ~ 50 °C.
  3. The outdoor protection level reaches IP65, so as to do dust, water, corrosion, anti-theft, anti-bio, anti-mold, anti-ultraviolet and electromagnetic protection.
  4. Based on network 3G and other technologies, it can realize remote release and remote monitoring management and centralized control of broadcast content; online system status monitoring system.
  5. Support various multimedia file formats: MPEG-1/2/4, MP3, AVI, DAT, PPT, etc.
  6. A new and powerful interactive touch solution that allows users to experience interactive marketing, record potential customer interactions, and promote brand image.
  7. Security system, video recorder monitoring around the clock
  8. Adopt aviation anti-riot safety technology;
  9. Intelligent environment management system: automatically adjust brightness according to the environment, monitor environmental conditions and alarm to prevent human damage;
  10. Intelligent temperature management system: adjust the internal temperature and humidity of the equipment to ensure that the equipment operates in harsh environments.

outdoor digital signage Application:

  1. Public facilities:

Government and corporate propaganda, intelligent bus stops, electronic newsstands, smart phone booths, road nameplates, libraries and museums, sports centers, plazas, etc.

2.Second, Huimin facilities category:

Tourist attractions, scenic spots, parks, community leisure places, ticket offices, airports, bus stations, etc.

3.Third, the type of advertising equipment:

Outdoor all-weather business district CBD, large supermarket counters, department store goods area, professional specialty stores, brand stores and so on.

DDW won Big success in ISE2018 exhibition

Shenzhen DDW Technology Co.,Ltd. (own brand “DDW” )won big success in the ISE2018 (Integrated System Europe)  exhibition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!


DDW is an years experienced &well-known brand in commercial displays in Worldwide. During 6th – 9th Feb,2018 Shenzhen DDW Technology Co.,Ltd attened exhibition ISE (Integrated System Europe) , which is a top famous focuses on the Integrated System Europe in Europe and the world. During the four days of exhibition(6th – 9th Feb), the DDW booth &products attracted big attention of customers from Europe and globally , including indoor outdoor digital signage , ultra-thin advertising machine and other digital signage displays became a focal point of this exhibition.

outdoor digital signage

Outdoor digital signage

As a professional manufacturer, we provide below quality workman ship and all in one service for all of our customers:
-Indoor Outdoor digital signage (from 19″ – 98″)
-UNB LCD video walls(46″-47″-49″-55″-65″)
-Touch screen kiosk(from 17″ – 98″)
-Android/Linux/Windows PC digital signages(from 17″ – 98″)
-Hardware Video wall controller(multi functional)
-Video wall racks

We have a group companies own following facilities:
-2500㎡ production department
-Own metal factory 2000㎡
-Own panel warehouse 1000㎡


DDW commercial exhibition display integrated solutions and products, favored by many new and old customers, many customers to participate in the exhibition, the DDW expressed great interest on display products, hope that through this opportunity to further cooperation.


In this exhibition, the numerous customers reached a cooperation agreement or intention at the same time, through this exhibition held friendly exchanges with peers, to a lot of new friends, learn to show the latest quotation of industry, the DDW to development in the future will also bring new opportunity.



Outdoor digital signage

Outdoor digital signage develop rapidly in commercial display

Outdoor digital signage develop rapidly

With the progress of social technology, outdoor advertising is gradually from the traditional static billboards rapidly to dynamic digital transformation. Outdoor digital signage spread information will not be affected by the weather and can bring good visual and auditory enjoyment, can be widely applied to outdoor advertising, outdoor public information release, outdoor media, touch interactive query in areas such as all-weather, greatly improve the picture administrative levels sense, can better details. As the outdoor digital signage usage scenarios from half outdoor to full outdoor gradually expanded, its challenges and more diversified.

The brightness of the outdoor digital signage industry standard is needed in the shining of the skylight environment 1500 CD/M2 (later referred to as “CD) can call it outdoor displays. Recently, a German professional digital signage consultants a set of evaluation for outdoor display. Through a set of CD from 450 to 3000 CD display contrast effects can be intuitive feel, only 1500 CD the brightness of the display effect under the condition of the sun. Means that only 1500 of the CD of display brightness can cause decay and loss of visual information, cannot have the effect of attract attention. However, Samsung OHD series outdoor display brightness can be as high as 3000 CD, full beyond industry standard double, even in the face of midday light can also ensure clear and bright display, make image “light”.
“Anti glare” as a screen technology, has been widely used in mobile phones, tablet and display, etc. In daily life. But for outdoor digital signage, if you don’t want to be a “public pier glass,” requires higher anti glare index. Especially when applied in traffic industry information display scenario, if the display is not clear or light refraction, etc., will cause great hidden trouble of road safety. Samsung outdoor digital signage through the use of unique technology, by enhancing image contrast and Samsung exclusive patented reflex eliminate membrane, can effectively enhance your visibility and reduce the screen of specular reflection. At the same time, Samsung outdoor digital signage is not only “anti glare,” also “polarized”. Through the application of the circular polarization technology, solve the traditional liquid crystal display in the human eye wear polarized sunglasses when viewed “show blind area” problem, more comprehensive protection to the road traffic safety.
Outdoor digital signage is an important terminal in urban informatization construction, wisdom is one of the important elements to build urban business card. The development of outdoor digital signage will provide the wisdom of the urban construction in China with strong boost.


Ceiling mount IP65 outdoor digital signage

Indoor outdoor digital signage replaced the trend of Large format outdoor LED display

In order to control light pollution and outdoor LCD display screen installation approval more and more complicated, which means mounting locations more and less, for the supplier of LED display, breakthrough in outdoor applications is also increasingly difficult. When the outdoor application is not enough to maintain the growth of performance, LED display manufacturers will look to lock in the commercial market, and LED display technology to enhance the confidence has become.

With limited indoor space, while the traditional LED display has a close look at the strong sense of the disadvantage of the particle, and compared with the plasma products, it certainly will not become the preferred target customers. However, with the invention of the small pitch LED display, the disadvantage is made up. The perfect picture of the effect of the LED display screen has a challenge, DLP and other large format display of the desire of the product, while the interior business market has naturally become the focus of a lot of suppliers force.

However, LED display with small spacing technology costs are high, the threshold is higher, at this stage, whether it is from the production, or from the application level, are the exclusive province of large enterprises, in this case, low use cost, shipping a large quantity of LCD digital signage became the choice for most businesses.

Relying on the inherent advantages of LED display, compared with the traditional LCD advertising, LCD digital signage displays has many advantages in the outdoor environment. Such as LED advertising screen brightness can reach 5000cd/m2, outdoor environment, whether from the coverage or from the display, than LCD digital signage displays.

The survey found that over the past year, LED display in the outdoor application of commercial LCD display market share, although showing a growth trend, but the power is not the increase in the number of screens, but the original value of the screen. This also means that with the increase of the application of commercial LCD display market demand, the traditional business model is not able to promote the sustainable development of the industry, LED display industry if you want steady growth, walk the fine line, application of thinning and LED display vigorously into manufacturers for indoor applications the commercial market development and the outdoor digital signage is a new attempt for the changes.

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