Key Features Of Outdoor digital signage

With the advent of the digital age, there are many public places with outdoor digital signage and displays.

So what are the advantages of outdoor digital signage in marketing media?

Key Features:

  1. Waterproof grade: IP65 IP55 waterproof level
  2. Anti vandal-proof, anti-thief, can work in any weather -40C to 55C
  3. Panel: original LG, Samsung panel 2000 to 3000nits brightness
  4. Application scenario: Community, bus stop, shopping mall and any publics
  5. Glass material: outdoor special anti-glare tempered glass
  6. Flexible control method: Standalone version, PC version, Android version

To begin with, usually outdoor digital signage are installed in crowded places, where the audience has a higher purchasing intention and purchasing power;

Secondly, as long as the content played in the product is new and interesting, it can attract the attention of the audience;

Moreover, outdoor digital signage can prevent dust and windproof, and can easily cope with all kinds of extreme weather;

Finally, customers can remotely control the content, there is a huge advantage in the promotion time and distance;

In a word, bustling installation location and the product’s own attributes have contributed to the trend of outdoor digital signage.