LCD video wall creates a Seamless display age

Nowadays, in this era of rapid development, displays are everywhere.

For example, the application of large screen display in stations, shopping malls, exhibitions and other fields has gradually turned large screen display equipment into a soul medium that highlights the driving force of science and technology. It is also a key symbol of modern urban science and technology, informatization and intelligence.

However, with the continuous expansion of the market, the situation of homogeneous products is becoming more and more serious, and display products have indeed fallen into a backwater. In order to explain, if commercial enterprises want to be unexpected, they must care about more and more individual subjects, complete the personalized customization of customers, complete diversification, and open the door to the market. So, how to adopt new technology to explain the visual customization?

In the era of the big explosion of science and technology, big data has been integrated into the line of sight. Sexy technologies such as AR, VR and naked eye have become a creative fashion. At present, the cases occurred in social development also take effect immediately. For example, the display system of a large shopping center does not need the service of a salesperson, nor does it need a complicated process. According to the data analysis of the display equipment, it can quickly respond to the needs of customers, complete the virtual image and real line of sight, and meet the requirements of customers for various scenarios. This is the unique effect brought by the creative description. Therefore, when it comes to creative interpretation, in fact, with the continuous growth of requirements, it is becoming more and more standardized and personalized. This shows that based on the progress of science and technology in recent years and the customized demand for interpretation, the market has promoted everyone’s innovative thinking methods and promoted the occurrence of new interpretation schemes.

At present, the LCD video wall adopts super strong technology, can carry out endless specifications of design, go deep into the “Internet” trend, complete cross screen roaming, multi screen splicing combination module description, and create a “seamless” patched display effect. Relying on the intelligent product and material software configuration environment design of the display, the multi-dimensional space is completed, the unique creative description is displayed, and the ideal atmosphere of combining real and imaginary scenes is created, thus creating endless creative descriptions in appearance and content!

DDW Display is committed to the research and development of liquid crystal display equipment. It has always adhered to the enterprise philosophy and created wisdom. It has learned from years of patching experience and the combination of cutting-edge technology. Innovative patching shows that random design modeling provides customers with a set of environmental integration and creates an atmosphere of intelligent interpretation solutions. Even though there are still material and software limitations in the current technology, the breakthrough is the direction of DDW Display’s efforts. We believe that DDW Display’s “seamless” vision will certainly complete a large number of creative descriptions and applications, and complete the vision for more customers!