Linux OS Facial Temperature Measurement Kiosk

Item No.: DDW-FK01
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MOQ: 2 Sets
Produce Period: 10 days
Supply Ability: 2000 Sets per Month
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                                                                  >>Key features:

                                                                  1. Linux OS, More secure than Android!
                                                                  2. High resolution IR focal plane thermal imaging temperature measure module
                                                                  3. Infrared temperature measurement: Thermal imaging overall temperature
                                                                  4. 0.3s recognition time,accuracy <± 0.3, Immediately temp and mask reminder
                                                                  5. Detection distance 0.5-2m
                                                                  6. 50K powerful face library storage management
                                                                  7. Total 10800 pixels high resolution
                                                                  8. High frame fresh rate
                                                                  9. No need for people active cooperation
                                                                  10. Temperature measurement is not affected by ambient temperature
                                                      1,Using 7-inch IPS full-view LCD display;
                                                      2,Support human body temperature detection, temperature display, 1 meter ultra-distant body temperature detection, 0.2 ℃ error, support and automatic                                                                 alarm for abnormal body temperature, second-level detection speed, real-time export of attendance temperature measurement data
Basic parameters
Master chip High-performance AI SoC (4-core A7 + 4-core DSP)
Memory 1GB DDR3 high-performance memory
eMMC 8GB high-speed eMMC onboard
Identification requirements
Recognition  height  1.2 ~ 2.2 meters, adjustable angle
Recognition distance  0.5 ~ 2 meters, variable lens
Face angle  30 degrees left and right, 30 degrees up and down
Alarm input 2 alarm inputs
   Alarm output 1 way alarm output
Power DC 12V
Network Interface 1 RJ45 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port
1 2.4G wifi module
USB 1 USB 2.0 interface
Wiegand interface 1 Wiegand interface
Face recognition
Face recognition accuracy   99.99% (1: 1, FRR 1%)
Face recognition accuracy: 0.01% (false recognition rate)
Living detection distance 0.5-2 meters
Recognition speed <300ms (20000 face database)
Intelligent recognition support 1: 1 face comparison, support 1: N face search
Mask recognition
Face recognition rate > 92% (20000 human database)
Body temperature screening distance 0.4m ~ 1.5m (recommended within 1.2m)
Reminder Without mask reminder, abnormal temperature reminder

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