P2.54 P2.604 P3.81 P3.91 indoor flexible led display for retailers

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MOQ: 1 Sets
Produce Period: 10-15 days
Supply Ability: 1000 Sets per Month
Nearest Port: Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Hongkong
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>>Key features:
  1. Indoor soft-film group with small spacing(minimum diameter:0.7m),single module single card unique design 24V power supply.
  2. Indoor conventional spacing soft module(minimum diameter:0.5m),the back of the module is made up of 10 plastic bottom shells support,screw fastening kit is more durable.

Indoor Flexible LED Display
Model NO. P2.54 P2.604 P3.81 P3.91
Pixel Pitch 2.54mm 2.604mm 3.81mm 3.91mm
LED type SMD1515 MD1515 SMD2121 SMD2121
Flatness between modules ≤ 0.1mm ≤ 0.1mm ≤ 0.1mm ≤ 0.1mm
Pixel configuration 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
Module size (W*H) 304*304mm 250*250mm 304*304mm 250*250mm
Module resolution (W*H) 120*120mm 96*96mm 80*80mm 64*64mm
Density 1137777dots/m² 640000dots/m² 409600dots/m² 284444dots/m²
scan 16S 16S 13S 10S
IC 2055 2153 2153 2153
Best viewing distance >2.5m >2.6m >3.8m >4m
Best viewing angle 120°/ 140° 120°/ 140° 120°/ 140° 120°/ 140°
Brightness 800cd/m²  800cd/m²  800cd/m²  800cd/m² 
Working voltage AC:110-240V  50~60Hz AC:110-240V  50~60Hz AC:110-240 V 50~60Hz AC:110-240V 50~60Hz
Maximum power ≤700W/ m² ≤800W/ m² ≤800W/ m² ≤800W/ m²
Average power consumption 100W/m²
~300W / m²
~300W / m²
~300W / m²
~300W / m²
Screen temperature rise(running state) ≤ 5 degrees ≤ 5 degrees ≤ 5 degrees ≤ 5 degrees
Operation of Environmental Temperature/°C -10°C~60°C -10°C~60°C -10°C~60°C -10°C~60°C
Operating Temperature 10%~90%RH
No condensation
No condensation
No condensation
No condensation
Screen color temperature 2000K~9500K 2000K~9500K 2000K~9500K 2000K~9500K
Driving method 1/30 scanning 1/24 scanning 1/16scanning 1/16 scanning
Gray scale 16 bits 16 bits 16 bits 16 bits
Refresh frequency 3840Hz 1920Hz 1920Hz 1920Hz
IP grade Front:IP43
Continuous working time ≥7×24hrs ≥7×24hrs ≥7×24hrs ≥7×24hrs
Lifetime 100,000hrs 100,000hrs 100,000hrs 100,000hrs
Installation method Back Frame Installation / Hoisting / Inner Arc Installation
Pixel correction Equipped with point - by - point brightness and chromaticity correction
Control mode Synchronization control
Control distance Super five double stranded network cable, more than 100 meters using optical fiber transmission
Software interface Windows XP /7/8/10
Signal input HDMI、DVI(Extensible interface)
Cabinet material Die-casting Alu

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