HD LED Screen

HD LED screen

Super high resolution display, HD,4k,8k

Indoor 0.9375mm / 1.25mm / 1.56mm / 1.875mm / 1.9mm /2.5mm

Ultra fine HD LED display

The rapid development of HD LED screen

HD LED display has become increasingly popular due to their ability to deliver captivating visuals with high clarity and detail. They are used in a variety of settings where visual impact and quality are essential, ranging from home entertainment to large-scale public displays.

The rapid development of small size LED packaging technology enables small pixel spacing LED displays to display seamless 2K, 4K and even 8K resolutions. Led video wall is more and more popular with the public because of its 4k high-quality display images. By 2022, displays with 1.56mm, 1.2mm and 0.9mm spacing have become mature.

Compared with LCD, the ultra fine hd led LED display slowly replaces the LCD video wall and is increasingly widely used in high-end media solutions, such as government security monitoring center, traffic department control center, group board video conference hall, TV station studio, creative visual design center, etc., relying on the outstanding features of true seam free, high refresh rate(upto 7680Hz refresh rate), excellent contrast and excellent image presentation. Due to these outstanding characteristics, the market share of ultra fine HD LED displays in these segments is growing rapidly.

Advantages of Our Ultra fine HD LED Screen

1000 lumen brightness and high gray technology, 5000:1, low power consumption

3840-7680Hz refresh rate, high dynamic picture display is real and natural

720p & 1080P High Resolution. Wide color gamut, uniform color, no rainbow effect, delicate and soft picture

Metal heat dissipation, ultra-quiet fan less design

Optional power supply and signal dual backup function

Full front maintenance. High precision adjustment

Product Display

HH series Ultra fine HD LED screen HH series Ultra fine HD LED screen

The cabinet size of HH series is 400*300mm .Key features support power backup and system backup .Also It supports front maintenance ,fixed installation and ceiling installation . And it is compatible with P1.25 P1.56 P1.66 P1.923 pixel pitch .

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Providing optimal
HD LED Screen Solutions

The requirements for HD LED SCREEN vary in different application scenarios, mainly in terms of resolution, brightness, and wiring methods (HUB board connection and cable connection). Generally speaking, the resolution is divided into P2.5 P2 P1.875 P1.56 P1.25 P0.93 P0.78, and the brightness can range from 600nits to 1000nits.

We take immense pride in introducing our state-of-the-art 4K and 8K UHD LED screen, designed to push the boundaries of clarity and immersion. Designed to deliver breathtaking visuals and immerse you in every pixel, our UHD LED displays bring your content to life with unparalleled clarity and realism.

We usually make personalized recommendations based on different project needs and budget considerations, in order to achieve the best cost-effectiveness and display  performance.

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