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We are always committed to providing better quality

We have a well managed production department and well-trained production employees, which ensure that we can produce high-quality LED display screens.

Manufacturer Data Display

3 years

Max Warranty Years

800000 pcs

Monthly Module Output

4000 sqm

Screen Monthly Output

4000 sqm

SMD Production


Production & testing department




Production Workers

Production Process


LED Raw Material


SMT Workshop


SMT process - IC driver


SMT process - Plug


SMT process - Lamp Beads


First Test


Filling waterproof glue


SMT process - Mask


48 hours Module aging


Module Packaging


Assemble Cabinet


Cabinet Aging Test


Complete QC Process

In the past few years, we have established a well managed quality control system where products undergo at least three steps of testing and 72 hours of aging during manufacturing. We rarely receive complaints from customers regarding quality.

SMT Processing Procedure
After SMT, 100% check module
After mask and shell assembled, 48hrs aging test
After cabinet assembled, cabinet aging test
72 hrs screen aging test

Strict QC Standard

Designing Sketch

In order to offer more intuitive understanding of the led video wall which they want to make, a sketch will be provided after we figure out the customer’s detailed requirement. Actually it is very necessary in a starting of a project.

Steel Structure Drawing

For wall-mounted, single & double pole-mounted, our team can provide the detailed CAD drawing of the structure, the customer will just need to find a local company to make the structure base on our drawing.

Detailed Operation Manual

We will make a detailed manual depend on the project which you are making. Even if the customer has never been used led display before, reading our manual carefully, follow the manual step by step, we are 100% sure the led display will be running well.

Equipment Exhibition


After-sales Service Process

Online remote free service

Engineer responds quickly

Technical support

Fault diagnosis


Emergency measures

Return to factory maintenance service

After sales follow-up

DDW After sales service policy

Thank you for your patronage in our products!

Our company always adhere to the principle of customer first service. In order to ensure the good quality of products and high quality after-sales service, we make the after-sales service commitment as following:

  • 1

    All the products enjoy one year warranty and full life maintenance.

  • 2

    free system management and control software upgrade services.

  • 3

    Since the day that checks and accept qualification from complete project, we provide 12 months warranty . During this period, all the hardware and software of the equipment due to quality problems or unqualified parts are freely and timely processing by our company. DDW will assign senior engineer within 24 hours if users think that there is a need for technical personnel to the site to provide technical support.

  • 4

    All the technical services after installation, will be our after-sales service personnel to provide preventive equipment maintenance and local after-sales service.

  • 5

    We will provide free training and guidance services to user; system equipment operation and daily maintenance work also can be authorized by the trained and qualified user of their own technical personnel to responsible for it.

  • 6

    Product components and other perishable products are ready in after-sales service center , it can timely replace the bad parts of product for customer, to ensure the normal operation of the system.

  • 7

    We will provide long-term follow-up maintenance and technical support for all products. Free software upgrade services, hardware upgrades,only charge the cost.

  • 8

    For irresistible factors and break by user, external force extrusion, improper use or poor storage and other equipment damage caused by human factors, will not be free warranty.


After the warranty period, we will continue to offer a lifetime technical support and maintenance services for user, such as on-site maintenance service and component replace service. Specific operation method for equipment maintenance is charge cost only, first maintenance cost quotations will be provided to user, and equipment will be maintenance after quotation confirmed.



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