Customization Service

Customization Service For Your Project

With our various specially designed led modules, we provide you with different sizes and shapes, such as cubes, triangles and any other shapes led display solutions.

Your LED screen can be Exclusive &Diversified

As a professional LED screen manufacturer,we can also provide customized led display solutions for different industries.

No matter different sizes and creative shapes you want, with our various specially designed led modules such as circular, triangles and other shapes, we provide all in one customize LED screen solutions according to your on-site requirements.

Customized Service Process

Demands &Budget

Professional technicians and project managers with 20 years of experience will understand your needs and provide you with options.

Project Assessment

Make a comprehensive assessment of your project, give optimization plans and suggestions, and save 80% of your time and energy.

Optimized Solutions

Provide optimal solutions for your project, considering all details, transportation, installation guidance, training, after-sales etc.

On time Delivery

Strict internal management procedures, strict quality control, on-time delivery, to provide you with comprehensive one-stop service.

After-sales is Begin

We fully understand the importance of after-sales service. We believe that after-sales is the beginning of all after.

Advantages In Customization

  • Our company has a design team specially responsible for designing PCBA, modules, LED boxes and electronic circuits. Each member has more than 5-10 years of industry experience. Our years of experience will escort your project

  • Through more than 2000 different kinds of customization cases, we can provide a variety of customized products

  • We focus on each customized project. Our responsible colleagues will pay attention to every detail from pre-sales to after-sales. From the initial project cost estimate, reasonable proposal, to the final quality control, we will provide you with experience to avoid the loss caused by uncertain factors such as stepping on the pit

  • If there is a particularly big project, we can go to your city and have face-to-face and on-site communication below the line.

Diversified LED displays for your Choices

We have comprehensive technical design capabilities that can bring visual images to life and constantly break through boundaries.

Our engineering team has been successfully collaborating with customers for many years, saving them time, design costs, and final assembly costs from the initial design concept to production ready products.

Each engineer team member has at least 3-6 years of experience in LED display screen design, including PCB design, LED panel shell design, drawing design, and control system development.

We know that many creative displays and applications are designed with special shapes. These creative displays, such as strange shapes or unique appearance LED displays, provide viewers with a refreshing creative experience.

Please check the following LED displays in different shapes, such as cube, triangle, hexagon and pentagon.

In addition to these models, we are constantly developing new and innovative LED displays for different applications. We also welcome you to collaborate with us and customize your favorite styles.

Money Refund Guarantee

We promise to refund 100% unconditionally if you're not satisfied with our customized products.

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