Taxi Top LED Display

Taxi Top LED Display

Elevate your advertising game with our Taxi Top LED Displays

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Benifits of Taxi Top LED Displays

Revolutionize your advertising approach with Taxi Top LED Displays, delivering a myriad of benefits to enhance your brand's visibility and revenue streams. Experience unparalleled exposure as your message travels dynamically through busy city streets, captivating the attention of pedestrians, commuters, and motorists alike. With high-resolution screens and vivid displays, your content becomes an unmissable focal point, maximizing brand recall and engagement.

Tailor your messages effortlessly to specific audiences or campaigns, ensuring relevance and resonance with potential customers. Unlike traditional static billboards, our displays offer versatility and adaptability, allowing you to update content in real-time and capitalize on timely promotions or events. This agility not only boosts brand perception but also drives immediate action, leading to increased foot traffic and sales conversions.

Product Showcase

TXT series Taxi Top LED Display TXT series Taxi Top LED Display

Cabinet size: 820x267x47mm, 792x267x47mm,1012x337x47mmpixel,766x265x47mm pitch: 2.6mm 2.7mm 2.9mm 3.4mm

BA series Bus LED Display BA series Bus LED Display

Cabinet size: 1628x379x60mm, 1630x325x65mm,1568x310x60mmpixel,1630x325x65mm pitch: 3.75mm 4mm 4.35mm 5mm

TXB series Taxi Top LED Display TXB series Taxi Top LED Display

Cabinet size: 1036x386x139mm, pixel pitch: 2mm 2.5mm 3.3mm 4mm 5mm

TXA series Taxi Top LED Display TXA series Taxi Top LED Display

Ultra-thin cabinet size: 1106x408x141mm, pixel pitch: 2.5mm 3.3mm 5mm

TX series Taxi Top LED Display TX series Taxi Top LED Display

The Taxi LED screen double-sided screen is made of: car power supply, car advertising control system, and customized LED unit board materials. It turns on and off through a dot matrix. A device that displays text, pictures, animations, and videos. It is an independent segmented application field with the rapid development of LED display screens. Compared with conventional fixed LED displays, it has higher requirements in terms of stability, anti-interference, anti-vibration, and dust-proof.


Revolutionize your advertising
with Taxi Top LED Displays

Transform your taxi fleet into lucrative advertising assets, unlocking new revenue streams by leasing advertising space to third-party brands or businesses. Monetizing your fleet not only offsets operational costs but also generates passive income, turning each taxi into a profitable investment. With seamless installation, intuitive management software, and robust design, our displays require minimal maintenance, ensuring hassle-free operation and maximizing uptime.

Join the forefront of outdoor advertising innovation and elevate your brand presence with the cutting-edge technology of Taxi Top LED Displays. Whether you're aiming to amplify brand awareness, drive sales, or generate additional revenue, our displays offer unmatched versatility, impact, and ROI. Stand out from the competition, captivate audiences, and accelerate your business growth with Taxi Top LED Displays.

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