Virtual Production

Virtual Production

A state-of-the-art broadcast production studio facility featuring immersive LED walls and floors, production control rooms, live transmission, and award-winning virtual reality capabilities that are truly out of this world.

A new visual world

XR LED screen technology has opened up a new world. We provide immersive LED wall for virtual production. It has developed a wide range of applications and continues to penetrate into multiple application scenarios. For example, in film production, virtual stage and other scenes, long distance travel cannot be realized as soon as possible due to the epidemic, but the virtual dream journey brought by XR LED screen technology makes our lives colorful.

High performance led screen

We are a professional LED screen manufacturer. In addition to XR LED screens, we also produce high-performance LED screens such as immersive LED screens. We can also provide film sources, hardware and software production, including 3D video production, as well as matching and debugging work with each other before

Our Advantage


Enhance your xR stage with an LED floor. The Black Marble LED panels are well-suited to create an immersive experience on floors, walls, multi-level stages or stairs. Use the Black Marble interactive LED panels to create an unforgetable and inteactive experience with the sense data from the panels.


Strong and impact locks for each cabinet make easier and more quick installation and dismantle. Removable power/control box make front and rear maintenance faster. Test button, power and data indicator, LCD monitor are very helpful in every event. Smart design circuit to make horizontal and vertical without ghost line. Design to prevent LED from caterpillars and cross type appearance. DDW design make LED display reliable for your reputation in the rental market.

Hanging, stacking, flight road cases

Limited by locations and law, rental LED display sometimes hanging installation by truss and hanging bar, sometimes stacking on the ground. When they move to various sites, the flight road cases is necessary for loading and moving.


stability depends on 3 factors. Firstly LED display material. We adopt high quality LED chip with professional LED encapsulation, high performance driving IC, 4 or even 6 layers PCB, and stable power supply. Secondly cabinet design as we demonstrated in above. Thirdly production technology. DDW is the one of most all-automatic-machine LED display factory for important production process and quality assurance test. Therefore our LED display defect pixel ratio is much lower than industry ratio, besides we adopt all gold-printed plugs to make power and data plugs stable.

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    P3.91 Indoor rental exhibition hall

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