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Shenzhen DDW Technology Co, Ltd is a professional manufacturer and developer of LED display screens in Shenzhen, China since 2012.

We're a company focus on indoor outdoor rental LED screen, fixed LED screen, HD LED screen, flexible LED screen, transparency LED display, creative led screens and customization services.

We are always committed to providing high-quality hardware and software, our excellent pre-sales and after-sales service, and win-win cooperation for all customers.

What We Provide

DDW Display Provides reliable Indoor and outdoor rental LED screens and fixed mount LED video wall displays, as well as following:

HD LED displays
  • COB LED Displays,GOB LED Displays and Ultra fine HD SMD LED Displays
Transparency LED Screens
  • Indoor outdoor transparent led screens, Adhesive LED Displays and 3D Hologram LED film
Creative LED Displays
  • Cylinder led displays, Sphere led displays, LED Dance Floors, Taxi Top LED Displays, Street Pole led displays and other Flexible LED screens
Peripherals and SKD
  • Indoor outdoor LED modules,LED Video Processor,Receiving card,Power boards,Cabinets,Mounting Truss,brackets and structures,Aviation Power Cables,HDMI and LAN Cables

Data Display

With professional all in one manufacture base, our technical R & D team, business and procurement team, production team and after-sales team are able to ensure you and we always maintain the closest contact on all matters.

Your products will go through our strict IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC and other quality control processes, and all products ensure 100% quality inspection to your satisfaction.


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Why Choose Us

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    On the basis of SMT production factories, we can provide full process services such as material selection, laboratory testing (with product high and low temperature laboratories), production processes (SMD, DIP, mask, gluing), production quality control, customized product development, customized packaging, OEM ODM, and global convenient logistics

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    With professional sales and technical teams can do local projects follow-up globally, team members have a strong sense of responsibility for each customer and each project

  • 03

    With branches in Canada and the United States, which is currently seeking the North American distribution and cooperations

  • 04

    Have ten years of experience as product engineer, technical engineer, structural engineer and electronic engineer, and have accumulated many years of experience in product selection and quality stability

  • 05

    Customized products can be provided according to customer needs

  • 06

    Reject low-end quality, low price and small orders

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