Event Rental

Event Rental

We provide rental LED screens for event organizers, featuring a lightweight structure, slim design, easy to maintain structure, and different installation methods.

Overall rental screen solution

With the liberalization of the epidemic, people's activities have become more frequent. The demand for rental LED screens is rapidly increasing in various activities such as concert stage construction, outdoor activity venues, concerts, exhibition construction, and other scenarios. From system integrators to end customers, suppliers need to provide reliable and stable overall solutions for display screens, thereby saving valuable time and labor costs, achieving optimal display performance for advertising effects, and maximizing their business.

Not only selling, but strategic cooperation

We are the original manufacturer of rental Led screen screens and have installation teams in certain regions. We can also arrange technicians to provide on-site installation services. Overall, we can assist you in completing the design, production, transportation of the project, all the way to the local site installation, debugging, and acceptance, thus achieving a long-term win-win cooperation

Our Advantage


For outdoor activities, we use 4800nits high brightness LED to display clearly in sunlight. In addition, a high refresh rate of at least 3840Hz can achieve excellent color difference effects on the screen.


Strong and impact locks for each cabinet make easier and more quick installation and dismantle. Removable power/control box make front and rear maintenance faster. Test button, power and data indicator, LCD monitor are very helpful in every event. Smart design circuit to make horizontal and vertical without ghost line. Design to prevent LED from caterpillars and cross type appearance.

Complete package solution

Due to location and purpose limitations, usually rental led screens are installed through truss hanging bar and floor stacking brackets. We provide leasing activities that involve screens, installation brackets, aviation boxes, and necessary packaging and accessories.


We use high-quality LED chips, professional LED packaging, high-performance driver ICs, 4-layer or even 6-layer PCBs, stable power supply, and optimized cabinet design and production technology. At the same time, we provide high standard production processes and quality assurance testing. In addition, the pixel defect rate of our LED display is much lower than the industry rate.

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