6 Major Application Fields of Transparent LED Screen

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Today, I will introduce some application scenarios and advantages of transparent screens.

With the continuous development and progress of LED display technology, people have higher and higher requirements for outdoor advertising media, and traditional advertising light boxes, posters and other media can no longer meet people's new advertising development and needs, so outdoor high-definition LED display The screen stands out, and Xun is a new trend in the development of new media. Under the background of such a big environment, transparent LED displays have gradually occupied the market, especially in the application field of glass curtain walls, occupying an increasingly important position. Today, I will introduce some application scenarios and advantages of transparent screens.

Glass window scene application

In major cities, glass windows are set up in major stores, and the products are dazzling, and the windows have become a part of people's life. The scene application in the glass window is also one of the main application scenes of the transparent screen. The transparent LED screen in the store is transparent and gorgeous advertising images, which can attract customers very well, and at the same time can improve the sense of fashion and class of the store.



Scenario application in shopping malls and supermarkets

There are a wide range of application scenarios in sightseeing elevators, atriums, and glass partitions in shopping malls. The modern artistic beauty of transparent LED screens is effectively combined with the shopping mall environment. It is a sharp tool to increase the customer flow of the shopping mall, and at the same time, it can also improve the sense of technology and grade of the shopping mall.

Application of stage and stage beauty scenes

LED transparent screens can be constructed in a variety of ways according to stage shapes. By using the characteristics of transparency and thinness of transparent LED screens, a strong transparent video effect can be produced, and the depth of field of the whole picture can be lengthened. At the same time, it does not hinder the stage design to leave space for the lighting to hang and play, to render a certain atmosphere and dynamics to the stage, and to express the theme better.

Scenario application of glass curtain wall

Many buildings in the city use glass curtain walls, and the location is eye-catching, which can be a good outdoor advertising carrier. The perfect combination with the glass curtain wall of the building is a seamless one without changing the appearance of the building at all. During the day, the permeability and lighting of the glass curtain wall are hardly affected. At night, the magnificent and colorful pictures make the city more romantic. Passing vehicles or pedestrians will be attracted by the transparent and dazzling advertising images, thus achieving good advertising communication effects.

Exhibition scene application

Various science and technology museums, exhibition halls, exhibitions and other display scenarios. For example, the science and technology museum is an important place to disseminate scientific knowledge, and transparent LED display can be customized in different shapes. As a high-tech effect display, people can perceive the magic and mystery of technology through the LED transparent screen.


Application of Creative Customization Scenarios

Conventional screens are square in shape, causing visual aesthetic fatigue. In the field of special-shaped customization, such as spherical, curved, cylindrical, etc., the application of LED transparent screens can further improve the appearance and aesthetics, and can also well adapt to the overall structure and use requirements of the environment, which is very eye-catching and experience.

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