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On September 12, 2023, the company held a commendation meeting based on the performance in August to reward employees with outstanding performance.

On September 12, 2023, the company held a commendation meeting based on the performance in August to reward employees with outstanding performance.

in August to reward employees with outstanding performance. The awards are divided into "Top Sales Award", "New Customer Development", "Monthly Large Order", "Newcomer Breaking Egg Award" and "New Order Breaking Egg Award"Rewards for “newcomers becoming full-timers” and “old-timers bringing in newbies”


August Sales Champion

Congratulations to Grace for becoming the sales champion in August! Your outstanding performance has been recognized and rewarded by the company in terms of sales.


New Customer Development

Congratulations to Grace and Nancy for successfully developing new clients! Your efforts in business development are highly appreciated and rewarded accordingly.


Newcomer Broken Egg Award

Through Nancy’s unremitting efforts, she won the Newcomer Breaking Egg Award in the shortest time! Your outstanding performance is eye-catching, and you have also successfully passed the full-time assessment, thus officially becoming a member of the company.


Large Order of the Month

This award is presented to employees who successfully complete large orders during August in recognition of their important contributions to business growth. Big monthly order: Congratulations to Grace for successfully completing the big monthly order! Your significant contribution to business growth is recognized and rewarded.


New Order Breaking Egg Award

Congratulations to Amber and Grace for winning the New Order Breaking Egg Award! Your efforts and results in successfully acquiring new orders during August have been recognized and rewarded.


Reward for old employees to lead new employees

This award aims to emphasize the important role of old employees in leading the growth of new employees, and to reward and recognize old employees who successfully lead new employees and achieve remarkable results.

Finally, we also held an apprenticeship ceremony so that everyone could learn and grow from each other better. I hope everyone will continue to work hard and jointly make greater contributions to the development of the company!



Through the establishment and addition of these awards, the company hopes to inspire employees to constantly surpass themselves and achieve better results in performance, development and teamwork. At the same time, we also hope that through the commendation conference, we can build up employee morale, strengthen communication and cooperation among employees, and jointly promote the development and growth of the company.

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