Globular LED Displays offer a cutting-edge visual solution by combining advanced LED technology with spherical display formats. These displays are designed to provide 360-degree viewing angles, making them perfect for advertising, entertainment, and interactive installations. Their unique shape and high-resolution capabilities allow for immersive viewing experiences in various indoor and outdoor settings.

1.Key Features and Benefits

  • Versatile Applications:

From advertising and retail store displays to exhibition halls and live events, Globular LED Displays serve a wide range of purposes, enhancing viewer engagement through dynamic and visually appealing content.

  • Customizable Designs:

These displays come in various sizes and pixel pitches, allowing for customization to meet specific project requirements. They offer high brightness, excellent color reproduction, and can be tailored for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Innovative Technology:

With full-color capabilities and high pixel density, Globular LED Displays deliver outstanding image quality and performance. Their spherical form factor provides a unique viewing experience, setting them apart from traditional flat panel displays.

2.Technical Specifications

  • Pixel Pitch and Resolution:

The displays are available in different pixel pitches, catering to a range of viewing distances and ensuring crisp, clear images even up close.

  • Brightness and Durability:

Designed for high brightness levels and long-lasting performance, these displays are suitable for various lighting conditions and are built to withstand the elements when installed outdoors.

  • Control and Connectivity:

Equipped with advanced control systems, such as Novastar, these displays offer seamless content management and can be easily integrated into existing digital signage networks.

3.Applications and Use Cases

Globular LED Displays are ideal for creating standout installations in:

  • Shopping Malls:

Captivate shoppers with eye-catching advertisements and promotional content displayed in a novel, engaging format.

  • Events and Concerts:

Enhance the live event experience with immersive visuals that can be seen from every angle, adding a new dimension to performances and presentations.

  • Public Spaces and Exhibitions:

Attract attention and encourage interaction in spaces where traditional signage might go unnoticed.


Embracing Globular LED Display technology can transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary visual experiences. With their unique shape, customizable features, and superior performance, these displays offer endless possibilities for creative and engaging digital installations.

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