Rental LED Screen for Events and Business

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An LED screen is a light emitting diode that emits light when electrical current flows through it. They are very common these days. People use them as signboards, to tell destination on a bus, or it shows the lyrics at a concert.

Rental LED screens are favored amongst businesses and event planners because they have overwhelming advantages over fixed LED display. This is because Rental LED screen meets specific short-term requirements of small businesses and event planners. You will be saving a lot of money paying a fraction of the value instead of paying full price for the screen.

The Uses of Led Screens for Events and Business

Here are some of the uses of LED for events and business:

For engagement

LEDs make your show lively and engaging. You have full autonomy to customize events with your themes and spruce up your events with some flavors.

To display information

As a business, you not only want to engage your audience, but you want to also give them useful information. These LED screens are capable of these.


LED screens are vivid. When you are hosting a show or event with a big crowd, it is important for everyone to see clearly. These displays can help everyone see clearly because of their high refresh rates, the aspect ratios and varied pixel pitch options.


Rental LED screens can also serve as a way to illuminate your events. They can be used to set the themes, mood and to give the audience a unique experience. The LED display provides rich color for your event and business needs.

Factors events and business need to consider before renting LEDs?

Before renting LED screens you should consider, a few factors: Your budget, aspect ratio, the purpose, the pixel pitch and the venue.


This is always a factor when investing in something new. You want to check your pocket and look at how much money you have. Rental LEDs are a cost-effective alternative to fixed LED displays because you are paying simply for the time you will be using it and not for the whole thing.

Aspect ratio

The most common aspect ratio for conventional video is 16:9. The aspect ratio is simply the relationship between the length and breadth of images. The first number “16” is the width and the “9” is the size.
Here are the common aspect ratios:
1:1—square screen: the width and height are both equal
2:1—landscape: the height is height is half the size of the width
2:3—portrait: the height is more than the width.
For an event—especially stage events, you need to make sure that if the distance from the LED screen to the last screen is 30 meters, you have to make sure that the display is 3 meters high.

Pixel pitch

The pixel pitch influences the clarity of the message and the design. This is very important as it also influences the distance the audience or potential customers can see the message. For indoor view or in close viewing situation, then a smaller pixel pitch is required and in situations where the viewing distance is far, then you need one with a higher pixel pitch.

A 3 millimeter or lower pixel pitch is recommended for closed indoor view, while 6-millimeter LED display pixel pitch is recommended for outdoor events.


By purpose, we mean, what do you want them for? Are you going to need them fixed to a position every day, or is it a random and rare event?

As a business owner, you probably need Rent them if your needs are short term.

For example, if you are a party planner and you need an LED display for a single event, there is no reason why you should buy one. Or if you have a flash sale as a business owner, you can just rent them since you need them in the short term.

Where is the Venue?

The venue of the event or the type of business you have is going to determine which of the LED screens you would prefer. For outdoor purposes, you need to go for LEDs with brighter lights and higher refresh rates.

DDW offers a high-end rental LED display with high refresh rate of up to 7680Hz. It also has virtual video capture (XR) and they work conveniently for stage events. All of these features make DDW the right partner for your outdoor and indoor events.

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Shenzhen DDW Technology Co, Ltd is a professional manufacturer and developer of LED display screens in Shenzhen, we focus on providing indoor outdoor rental LED screen, fixed LED display, HD LED display, transparency LED display, flexible LED display and creative led displays.

Rental led display

The advantages of our Rental LED screen

1.Quick installation
2.Adaptive design
3.Durable frame design
4.Easy maintenance
5.High refresh rate for both indoor and outdoor use
6.Expansive view.
7.Rich color options