Precautions for LED Display Storage

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There are many types of display screens: outdoor, indoor; soft screen, hard screen; strip screen, grille, etc., and the storage and protection methods are different.

Many times we cannot install the LED display immediately due to some factors after we purchase it. In this case, we need to store the LED display well. As a precision electronic product, the LED display has high requirements on the storage method and the environment. If you are not careful, it may be the result of damage to the LED display. Today, DDW stands at the professional point of view of LED display manufacturers. Say how to store the LED display correctly.

There are many types of display screens: outdoor, indoor; soft screen, hard screen; strip screen, grille, etc., and the storage and protection methods are different.

When storing LED displays, you need to pay attention to the following eight points:

1. Preparation and Placement Surface

The place where the cabinet is to be placed needs to be cleaned and then paved with pearl cotton.

2. Module Stacking Guidelines

It is strictly forbidden to stack modules in disorder or stack more than 10 LED displays. When the modules are stacked, the lamp faces are placed opposite and isolated with pearl cotton.

3. Recommended Cabinet Placement

The placement of the LED display cabinet is recommended to be placed flat with the light facing up. If the number is too large and needs to be placed vertically, special attention should be paid to protection. It is forbidden to place vertically in places with large vibrations.

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4. Handle Display Box with Care

The display box should be handled with care. When landing, the rear side first lands and then the lamp surface to the ground, so as not to be scratched.

5. Anti-Static Wristband Requirement

All staff must wear cordless anti-static wristbands when handling or installing.

6. Storage Environment Recommendations

The storage place of LED display should be as dry as possible, ventilated and without sunlight.

7. Moving and Installation Precautions

When moving the box, it should be lifted, and it should not be pushed or dragged away on the ground, so as to avoid damage to the bottom module caused by uneven ground. The cabinet should be kept balanced during the hoisting process, and should not swing or rotate in the air. When installing the cabinet or module, handle it with care, and throwing it is strictly prohibited.

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8. Adjusting LED Display Product Guidelines

If the LED display product needs to be adjusted, use a soft rubber hammer to hit the metal part of the cabinet, and it is strictly forbidden to hit the module. Squeezing and collision between modules is strictly prohibited. In case of gaps, abnormal positioning, etc., it is strictly forbidden to use hard objects such as hammers to hit the cabinet and modules. You can pick up the cabinet to remove foreign objects and try again.

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