Novastar Led Video Processor

Novastar is renowned for its comprehensive range of LED video processors, designed to enhance the visual performance of LED displays. These processors are crucial for various applications, including event production, broadcasting, and fixed installations, offering solutions that range from basic video processing to advanced video control and scaling.

1.Highlighted Novastar LED Video Processors

  • NovaStar MX20 All-in-One Controller:

Integrates video processing and control, featuring HDMI and SDI inputs, Ethernet outputs, and optical ports. It's designed for easy operation and superior control experience with the VMP software.

  • NovaPro HD All-in-1 Controller / Video Processor:

Offers high performance with support for multiple signal formats and up to 1080p @60Hz input resolution. It includes DMX512 and GenLock interfaces, suitable for high-end applications.

  • VX1000 / VX600 / VX400 Series:

These all-in-one controllers are tailored for medium to high-end rentals, stage control systems, and fine-pitch applications, supporting high resolution input and offering extensive output capacity.

2.Features and Advantages

  • High Resolution and Pixel Capacity:

Models like the VX1000 support 4K input and display, with capacities reaching up to 6.5 million pixels, ensuring detailed and vivid visuals for any application.

  • Advanced Processing Capabilities:

Features such as ultra-low latency, long-distance optical transmission, and customizable presets enhance the viewing experience, making Novastar processors ideal for demanding environments.

  • Versatile Input and Output Options:

From HDMI to 3G-SDI, Novastar video processors accommodate a variety of video inputs, alongside Ethernet and optical outputs for flexible connectivity.

  • Comprehensive Control Functions:

With support for software like VMP and protocols like SNMP and Art-Net, Novastar's processors offer easy and efficient device management and operation.

3.Choosing the Right Novastar LED Video Processor

Selecting the appropriate Novastar video processor depends on several factors, including the specific requirements of your LED display, the desired input sources, output resolutions, and the environmental conditions of the installation site. Considerations like the need for low latency, high pixel capacity, and advanced color correction capabilities are key to ensuring the best possible display performance.


Novastar LED video processors are at the forefront of display technology, offering a range of solutions tailored to enhance the visual quality of LED screens across various applications. Whether for live events, broadcasting, or fixed installations, Novastar provides innovative, reliable, and high-performing video processing options to meet the most stringent requirements.

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