Company History

We are always committed to providing better quality

Our company is always committed to providing high-quality customers with reliable and cost-effective led screen products, and is your professional one-stop led screen provider.

Company History

In 2009


Mr. Steven has successively worked as the overseas sales director and engineering project director in the factories that produce smart homes and led displays. In the past five years, steven has accumulated rich experience in various electronic fields, especially in led display products. With the development of the global economy, LED displays have begun to get more and more applications in various countries and industries. steven began to realize that the development of the LED display industry will be rapid, so he founded the company in 2012.

In 2014


Since 2014, we have been focusing on the sales of large LED display screens. After five years of efforts, our company has expanded from a few employees at the beginning to more employees later, and has grown into a company mainly engaged in research, development and manufacturing of various displays.


Our company opened the Alibaba International Station platform, officially facing the global market.

In 2015


The company has established its own brands "DDW" and "DISPLAYS2GO" and applied for trademarks.

Our company vigorously develops the European market, and we have achieved great success in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and other countries.

In 2016


The company continues to optimize products and improve product quality. LED digital signage products are popular in Spain, Germany, Austria, Britain, France and other countries and regions in Europe.

In 2018


The company has successively developed a number of new LED display products, and has obtained a number of utility models and appearance patents.

In 2019-2020


From 2019 to 2020, the company began to participate in ISE (Integration System Europe) professional exhibitions in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Hong Kong exhibitions, and the company's brand and products were widely praised by customers from many countries. Established Singapore Branch as a child

In 2021

In 2021

continue to optimize products and services; We are always committed to serving global overseas buyers and providing customers with the best quality and cost-effective products and services;

In 2022

In 2022

the Canadian branch will be established


Customer Evaluation

  • August Perez

    The LED screen of DDW is very good. Their technical support is perfect. With the help of DDW LED technical support, we installed the screen and made it work properly. I like DDW.

  • Baron T.Smith

    ”Thanks to DDW for providing us with such a good LED display, and the after-sales service and technical support are also in place.

  • Daniel

    DDW technical support is very responsive. The connection of my LED display is relatively complicated, but with the help of DDW, everything on my display is normal and it perfectly meets my expectations.



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