How to Make Outdoor LED Displays More Energy-Saving?

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Release time :2023-11-27

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Next, DDW DISPLAY technicians will tell you relevant knowledge points about outdoor LED displays.

Now many places are using outdoor LED displays for advertising, but many friends are worried about the energy-saving effect of outdoor LED displays. So how to achieve energy saving of outdoor LED displays?

Next, DDW DISPLAY technicians will tell you relevant knowledge points about outdoor LED displays.

The following is an energy-saving method for outdoor LED displays:

Adjust the brightness of the outdoor LED display

The LED display itself uses energy-saving materials, but the outdoor LED display has a large area and high power consumption, so we need to adjust it according to environmental changes.

Brightness of the entire outdoor display

Structural design method:

Since the outdoor 1ed display screen is outdoors, it will be affected by environmental factors such as air humidity and air salt content. Therefore, the structural design of our outdoor 1ed display screen The factors that need to be considered are only in this way, in order to save maintenance costs and achieve energy saving and consumption reduction.

Improved LED power supply

This plays an important role in the energy saving of outdoor LED displays. Current outdoor LED displays directly use half-bridge or full-bridge high-efficiency switching power supplies, plus synchronization

Rectification to save energy. The effect is significant, the power supply voltage of the driver IC and the red, green and blue chips are respectively powered under the constant current state to achieve better energy saving effect.

The above is the knowledge about how to achieve energy saving in outdoor LED displays. Outdoor LED display areas generally range from tens to hundreds of square meters or even larger, with high brightness and large viewing angles.

It can work in the sun and has certain windproof, rainproof and waterproof functions. Mainly used for outdoor advertising, stations, squares, large shopping malls, etc.

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