Car LED Display Functions and Seven Major Features

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Release time :2023-11-27

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It is different from ordinary LED displays installed in fixed places. The reason is in-car and advertising.

The vehicle-mounted LED display screen is a product that uses LED technology, GSM/GPRS technology, low-temperature technology, anti-static technology, anti-interference technology, vehicle-mounted electronic technology, etc. to display information on mobile cars. Because it is based on mobile buses as a medium, it can be widely circulated in many places, bringing great advertising and promotion effects, and is widely accepted. It is different from ordinary LED displays installed in fixed places. The reason is in-car and advertising.

Features of car LED display:

High stability and reliability

The car is always moving, and every time it brakes, starts to turn, there will be some weak pulling force, so the vehicle-mounted LED display has high requirements for the stability and reliability of electronic products.

Stable power system support

The power supply in the car is powered by the battery. Similarly, when the car starts, brakes, and stops, the power supply voltage will be temporarily unstable. If the power supply system is not good, the display screen will be burned.

Wide operating temperature range

In the north, cars are usually placed outdoors. The temperature may reach -40°C in winter and 60°C in summer, which requires power supply and display components to work in a wide range of temperatures.



Good anti-static measures

Cars are prone to generate static electricity during operation, especially in autumn. The static electricity high voltage can reach thousands of volts. If there are no good anti-static measures, sparks can easily damage ICs and LED lights.

Suitable brightness

Appropriate brightness. If the LED display screen is not bright enough, it will not be visible during the day and the meaning of installing the display screen will be lost; if it is too bright, it will affect driving.

LED brightness attenuation

This is a common feature of LED products. LED attenuation characteristics: LED brightness is attenuated, with a 10-70% attenuation rate in a year. If the quality is poor, the brightness will be reduced by half in half a year, making it impossible to see the display content clearly.

Good promotion

Buses and other means of transportation can be said to be everywhere in the city, so their advertising effect can also affect the entire city, thus bringing great publicity effects to products and services.


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