Unveiling the Advantages and Working Principle of Interactive Floor LED Screens

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It does not travel, but also has an interactive interactive sensing function, which has a good human-computer interaction and brings a good entertainment experience.

LED floor tile screen, also known as Interactive floor LED screen, is an LED display screen mainly used on the ground. It is characterized by strong compression and shock resistance, strong bearing capacity, and high-strength wear-resistant surface, even if it is stepped on the LED floor tile screen. It does not travel, but also has an interactive interactive sensing function, which has a good human-computer interaction and brings a good entertainment experience.

Why choose Interactive floor LED screen?

1. There are many models and specifications of Interactive floor LED screen, which support personalized customization of different sizes and different parameters. You should choose the floor tile screen according to your own needs.

2. The Interactive floor LED screen is the main carrier of information. If there is no high-quality display effect, it will not be able to achieve the effect of information dissemination. Among them, various elements including resolution, contrast, and brightness directly affect the presentation of the advertising screen. Without good contrast, the screen display will be uneven.

3. The installation and post-maintenance of floor tiles are also an important selection reference. Time is money, efficiency is life. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a floor tile screen product that can be installed quickly and is easy to maintain later.

The technical principle of Interactive floor LED screen

1. The principle of Interactive floor LED screen: The principle of Interactive floor LED screen is on top of the LED floor tile screen, adding the function of induction interaction. The Interactive floor LED screen is equipped with pressure sensors, capacitive sensors or infrared sensors and other equipment. When a person moves up and down on the floor tile screen, the sensor senses the position of the person and sends the trigger information to the main controller, and then the main controller makes a logical judgment. Output the corresponding display effect.

2. For example, with the help of infrared induction, it can track the trajectory of people's movement, and can appear in real-time picture effects of human body activities, so that effects such as actors and audiences walking by, water ripples under their feet, and trees opening can be realized.

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