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This article talks about the two ways of controlling LED display controller: Asynchronous control system, Synchronous control system. And in what scenarios to use it, hope this would help you to know more about the led control system.

LED display controller is divided into asynchronous control and synchronous control.

LED display asynchronous control system is also known as LED display offline control system, or control card. The main control PC will need to display the information and various control commands through serial communication into the LED display screen control card, LED display screen control card contains a microcontroller and memory, screen control card will store the information and then display on the LED display following the command. LED display synchronous control system is also called online control system, computer and control card through the network cable connection, synchronous control can also be transmitted to the LED display in real-time through the signal of the cloud display card.

Asynchronous control system:

The advantages of Asynchronous control system:

1. Easy to operate 2. Good quality and low price 3. Wide range of applications 4. Partition control displays screen content Connection way: The computer and the control card are connected via a network cable.

Synchronous control system:

The advantages of a Synchronous control system

1. Unlimited storage of playback content 2. Good display effect 3. Easy content editing Connect way: R232 to 485 connection, WIFI, 4G, U disk.

The two brands of LED display controllers:

The synchronous control system and Asynchronous control system are separate from the LED display, that’s means they have different manufacturers and brands. Most of us know about is Colorlight and Novastar, these two brands also on sale in DDW LED DISPLAY. So the next part is to comprehend more about the two control systems.

Colorlight led controller:

They set up the company in 2007, it’s more than 15 years focusing on image processing, cloud, video and LED control system solutions. In past years, they rely on independent research and development ability, professional service level to win the trust of global customers. Their products mainly include super master, professional master, broadcast control serve, receiver, transmitter, accessories and software series. But today we mainly talk about the control system of  Colorlight.

Asynchronous Professional Master:

Colorlight X100 video splicer is a new professional device developed by colorlight for large splicing displays, I believe you have heard of it. This video splicer combines cropping, scaling, splicing and multi-screen display video processing functions in one, can be used as a professional master LED display for high-resolution small pitch LED video wall.

The features of the X100 video splicer:

Pure hardware modular design Support multi-video interface input 2K or 4K signal Support multi-layer display, window arbitrary roaming Support for carrying extra-long oversized screens Support power signal redundancy backup Support pre-monitoring back to the display Multi-platform flexible control, like USB, RS232, LAN Multiple custom scenes can be stored and switched freely

The Colorlight Cloud Networking support Asynchronous Control System.

 Every single box is available in different sizes, you just need to choose the control system according to the series of LED displays and the specific application scenario, and then adjust the control system for your nee.

Synchronized Master Control system

Super master of“Z” series: Standard version 3D version HDR 4K low latency HDR high-dynamic picture compared with the conventional display screen:

Comparison chart between HDR high dynamic picture and regular display picture

Based on the NovaLCT, you can send the configuration file to the software.

By the way, NovaLCT is the configuration software of LED display, in the application of LED display, matching the receiver card, monitor card and multifunction card, NovaLCT enables intelligent settings brightness adjustment, power control and hardware monitoring of LED display.

What is an HDMI connector?

HDMI means high definition multimedia interface, it is a digital video/audio interface technology, a dedicated digital interface suitable for video transmission, which can transmit audio and video signals simultaneously at a maximum data transfer speed of 18 Gbps, while eliminating the need for digital/analogue or analogue/digital conversion before signal transmission.” HDMI is one of the most commonly used interfaces in the LED display industry, and with the development of the times, there are emerging products that have not been able to completely replace its market share. HDMI supports sending audio and video signals simultaneously, simplifying the LED screen’s installation.

Which LED display controller could be better?

What I can say is that it’s up to you, we all know that different scenarios have different choices. For fixed installation LED display, I would recommend you the asynchronous control system, LED displays under asynchronous control system can be controlled by a computer or can be displayed offline. For rental LED display, I would recommend you the synchronous control system, which is the so-called online control system. Mainly used for indoor or outdoor full-colour large screen display, because the synchronous control system has the characteristics of real-time, the LED rental screen is more suitable for online control.

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