What Are the Installation Steps for LED Display Screen?

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The following is a detailed explanation of the installation steps for you

When installing indoor LED displays, the most commonly used method is to assemble the LED display by yourself using materials such as frames, unit boards, cables, power supplies, control cards, processors, and control computers. So how do you assemble the modules into a complete display? How about using a large LED display screen and using it normally? The following is a detailed explanation of the installation steps for you.

1.CAD structural design drawing

Make the main frame and frame, select the steel structure material (40*40*1.5mm square tube) according to the CAD drawing of the LED display size of the set size, then cut the material to the corresponding size and weld it into a field shape. The error should not be greater than 1mm, refer to the following drawing requirements;

CAD structural design drawing, welding of the main frame, and fixing the welded shelf to the wall.

2.Install the control system:

Wiring the main cables and main network cables; install the power supply and control card; fix the control card connection and power supply connection; when connecting the wires between the power supply and the power supply, pay attention to the order of live wire L, neutral wire N, and ground wire , and the unit board power cable, red wire +5, black wire -5, the corresponding interface

Wiring; installing power supply, control card, and wire connections


According to the signal diagram, the corresponding connection and wiring sequence; during the installation process, power on and signal the 5-row unit board to test it, and solve any problems in time; because when the screen is large, the unit boards need to be installed after all are installed. After dismantling it, the amount of work will be huge; there will be a button on each control card, which can play red, green, blue, and slash lines, and you can determine whether there is a defective unit board; if it displays normally, it can be reinstalled. Next set until installation is complete.

The overall effect after completing the installation

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