What Should I Do If the Outdoor LED Display Has Garbled Characters?

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Release time :2023-10-23

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How to solve the problem of garbled characters?

During the use of some outdoor LED displays, especially outdoor monochrome LED displays with characters, sometimes garbled characters appear. How to solve the problem of garbled characters?

1. Water leakage and water ingress problem

First of all, garbled characters on outdoor LED displays are mostly related to water leakage. Due to improper rainproof measures, water infiltrates after raining. This causes a short circuit on the circuit board, resulting in garbled characters. If this happens, propose should immediately find a supplier or maintenance manufacturer for repair.

2. Problems with transmitting data

The control circuit from the brain output to the screen is faulty. Focus on checking the screen power supply and signal input parts. Damage to the control system board, damage to the data cable interface, damage to the data cable and reverse connection, etc., will all cause garbled characters on the outdoor monochrome LED display.

3. Cable arrangement problem

After ruling out the power supply problem, test whether the power supply of the defective module is normal (if the first abnormal module is dark and bright 80% of the time, it means there is a problem with the power supply).

4. Software or control card problems

The parameters of the outdoor LED display are not set properly. At this time, you need to determine the scanning configuration problem, usually 1/4 scan; if it is not a software problem, check the control card problem; if it still fails, you can only contact the service provider to solve it.

5. Problems with poor internal contacts

If the internal contact of the outdoor LED display is poor, garbled characters will also occur. After encountering a problem, you can first check whether there is a bad contact.

6.Power supply problem

After eliminating the power supply problem, test whether the power supply of the defective module is normal. The above are the common causes of garbled characters in outdoor monochrome LED displays. DDW LED display manufacturer recommends that when there is a problem with the LED display, try not to deal with it yourself. Ask professional technical engineers to conduct on-site surveys and make judgments before solving the problem yourself. Handling it without authorization may affect the service life of the outdoor LED display, or even cause a more serious problem such as a short circuit.

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