8 Common Installation Methods of Outdoor LED Display

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Introduce 8 installation methods and precautions of outdoor led display.

There are many installation methods for outdoor LED displays. These 7 installation methods of outdoor LED displays are relatively common at present, and can basically satisfy more than 90% of users. Except for some special-shaped screens and special-shaped installation environments, here are the details. Introduce 8 installation methods and precautions of outdoor led display.

1. Hanging installation

The hanging installation method of outdoor led display can also be called cantilever installation. The two are similar, and the installation environment and application are similar. Environment installation.

2. Floor installation

The floor-mounted installation method is suitable for high-definition display of small-area screens. It can be directly on the bottom of the screen, or it can be slightly fixed and styled for decoration on the bottom screen. Generally, it adopts an integrated design, and there is also a split-column combination design. This installation method is slightly more used indoors, and outdoor LED displays are relatively less.

3. Embedded installation

The embedded installation method of outdoor LED display is to embed the entire screen into the wall, and the outdoor LED display surface and the wall surface are kept flat and at the same level. This installation method can adopt a simple box design. The installation method is best to use the pre-maintenance method. You need to know clearly from the LED display manufacturer in advance. If you do not support the pre-maintenance and later maintenance, it will be very troublesome; the outdoor LED display embedded installation method is also possible indoors. Most of the used ones are used for display models with small spacing and the display area of ​​the entire screen is not large.

4. Wall-mounted installation

This installation method is usually used indoors or semi-outdoors. The display area of ​​the screen is small, and generally there is no space for maintenance access. The entire screen can be removed for maintenance, or it can be made into a foldable integrated frame. The outdoor led display is slightly larger in size, and generally adopts a front maintenance design (that is, a front maintenance design, which usually adopts a column assembly method).

5. Roof installation

The roof installation method of outdoor LED display needs to fully consider the local wind environment. This is more critical. It must be able to withstand the wind. Safety is always the first. Generally, it is installed with an inclined angle, or a module It adopts an inclined 8° design and is mostly used for outdoor advertising display.

6. Supported installation

It is very common for outdoor led display screens to adopt supporting installation methods, including single column, double column and creative column, etc. This installation method is very common, and I believe users will often see it in reality. Supported installation is usually It is widely used in roads, expressways, residential areas and other places.

Single Column

Double column

7. Hoisting of outdoor rental screens

Another kind of outdoor led display is used for rental series. This series of installations are all temporary installations. The focus is on easy installation and easy disassembly; the size of the screen is determined by the ordinary screen. The hoisting screen should not be enlarged. The general requirement is below 6M*10M. Exceptions are special cabinet materials and curtain styles. The top is equipped with hanging beams and the bottom is equipped with bottom beams. Hanging beams are used to hoist the screen. The row and row boxes are connected by a hoisting mechanism, and the locks between the horizontal boxes are tightened. The hoisting mechanism is divided into: gear type, cone rod type and bolt type. The gear type is more expensive and beautiful, and the cone rod type is moderately priced and reliable. The bolt type is the cheapest, reliable, and cumbersome to assemble, and is suitable for situations where repeated disassembly and assembly are not required.

8. Curved and special-shaped installation

DDW will also customize the installation method of curved and special-shaped outdoor LED displays for customers. Screen length x width (height): LxW; screen length W: refers to the height of the screen; screen length L: the length of the screen. The picture length can be initially determined according to the circumference of a circle or arc. Divide by the module length to determine the number of modules. For the circular screen, try to divide it by 92 modules; try to determine the number of modules in a row by multiples of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 (it is convenient to divide the cabinet and easy to produce). The draft angle of the module is generally 2 degrees, and a module is only 4 degrees. That is, generally 92 modules are required to form a perfect circular screen. It should not be less than 60 modules. After determining the number of modules in a row, the length of the screen can be obtained. Screen length L=number of modules*module length; screen area A=L*W; for non-circular screens (curved screens), it only needs to be divided according to needs, just like cutting a cake. The mounting frame needs to be customized according to the size of the circular screen (curved screen).

The installation methods of outdoor led display screens are probably the above methods. If these cannot meet the needs of customers, you can directly contact DDWLED salesperson and customer service to customize the installation method for you.

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